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"You may not be able to read this... I am writing it in a hurry. I see death coming up the hill... "(Letter home from a soldier on Hamburger Hill)

Welcome to Grunt Redux, a tribute by fellow gamers to the work of Mike Ruffle, wargamer and amateur historian extraordinaire, who provided a huge amount of information on the Vietnam War on his successive websites between 2000 and 2011: Grunt, Grunt online and Eleven Bravo. Two mirrors of Mike's original website (from August and December 2001) are provided in the spirit of the message posted on the Eleven Bravo website by Mike's eldest son shortly after his father's untimely death:

Michael Ruffle - The only Vietnam Vet not to serve in the war!

It is with incredible sadness that I inform you that my dad died suddenly on the 18th of October 2011. He devoted a large part of his life to gaining an understanding of the Vietnam War, he loved discussing the war with those who served their country and those that played wargames relating to the war. My dad was and will always be deeply loved by us and I intend to keep this site active as a tribute to the thousands of hours of effort, research and hard work he put into this site. Please feel free to leave messages on the guestbook. Thank you, John-Paul (eldest son)

This site is intended for all those who have an interest in the Vietnam War. Although originally conceived as a site aimed primarily at wargames enthusiasts of the period, such as myself, the contents now contain a substantial amount of historical and factual material directly related to the War. I actively encourage the submission of contributions from visitors and welcome your comments and feedback. Whatever your reason for visiting, I hope that you find my site interesting and will choose to visit again. More importantly, I hope that you leave with a greater appreciation of the sacrifices made by those who fought, and died, in Vietnam. Mike R, August 2000

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