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1st TEAM in the 'Nam

Famous Horsehead patch of the 1st Air Cavalry Division




  • 11th Air Assault Division (Test) raised in 1963
  • 11th Air Assault Division (Test) develops airmobile tactics throughout 1964
  • June 1965 the colors of the 1st Cavalry Division flown to Fort Benning and the 11th Air Assault Division's assets are transferred to the 1st Cavalry Division
  • September 1965 the Division is sent to Vietnam
  • Oct - Nov 1965 the Division fought the NVA in the Ia Drang valley in Pleiku Province and wins a Presidential Unit Citation
  • 1966 the 1st Air Cavalry met and defeated the enemy throughout II Corps TZ
  • Spring of 1966 the Division fought to clear Binh Dinh Province in operations Masher, White Wing, Thang Phong II
  • August 1966 the Division returned to Pleiku Province in operation Paul Revere II
  • Battalion sized elements fought also in Binh Thuan Province from August 1966 to January 1968
  • October 1966 the Division joins Korean and ARVN forces in Binh Dinh Province for operation Irving
  • Late October 1966 to February 1967 the Cav continues to clear Binh Dinh Province in operation Thayer II
  • Thayer II is followed by operation Pershing in the northern coastal plain as well as the Kim Son and Luoi Ci valleys to the west
  • Throughout 1967 the Division battled the NVA 610th Division and VC units in II Corps TZ
  • January 1968 the Division moves to I Corps TZ
  • Division is effectively employed against the enemy during Tet, clearing Quang Tri City and destroying the enemy on the NW and SW walls of the Imperial City of Hue, while some elements in II Corps continued the fight in Binh Dinh Province in operation Pershing II
  • April 1968 the Division moves rapidly to relieve the Marines at Khe Sanh
  • April - May 1968 the Division moves into the infamous A Shau valley to interdict enemy preperations for further attacks on Hue
  • Rest of 1968 spent on operations along the border of Quang Tri and Thua Thien Provinces
  • October 1968 the Division is deployed in III Corps TZ to engage enemy forces which pose a threat north of Saigon
  • While engaged with forces NW of Saigon along the Cambodian border, Divisional elements were employed in IV Corps TZ in operation Nav-Cav, thus becoming the first US Division to have fought in all four TZ's in RVN.
  • May - June 1970 Division participates in the invasion of Cambodia but is restricted in it's efforts by the imposition of a 30km maximum advance
  • Bulk of the Division is withdrawn from RVN in spring of 1971 after 2,056 days overseas
  • 3rd Brigade Task Force left behind in RVN until June 1972

Go Grunt.... Go! Troopers exit a Huey on a hot LZ.


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