North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong Order of Battle: ATTACHMENT C - Identified Companies, Mar 1972.

ORDER of BATTLE (1965 - 1975)
ATTACHMENT C. Identified Companies, Mar 1972.
Submitted by Richard A. Rinaldi © 1999

I Corps Tactical Zone II Corps Tactical Zone III Corps Tactical Zone IV Corps Tactical Zone

All of these are VC unless explicitly labeled NVA. Mar 1972 location province is shown after the unit in two cases: the unit is not subordinated to a province, or it is shown located in a province other than that implied by its subordination to a province or district.


7th Military District

  • C14 MF Engr Coy (Jul 1967), Thua Thien
  • C15 MF Air Def Coy (12.7mm) (Jun 1968), Thua Thien
  • C16 MF Mortar Coy (120m) (Jun 1968), Thua Thien
  • C17 MF RR Coy (75mm) (Jun 1968), Thua Thien

Front 4

  • 573 NVA Art Coy, Quang Nam

Quang Tri Province

  • Hai Lang District: H99 Inf Coy (Feb 1968)
  • Trieu Phong District: C59 LF Inf Coy (Feb 1967)

Thua Thien Province

  • C11 Recon Coy (Jan 1967)
  • Huong Tra District: C116 Inf Coy (Fb 1968)
  • Huong Tra District: C115 Inf Coy (Jan 1967)
  • Nan Hoa District: C119 Inf Coy (May 1967)
  • Phong Dien District: C113 Inf Coy (Apr 1968)
  • Phu Loc District: C118 Inf Coy (Dec 1966)
  • Phu Vang District: C117 Inf Coy (Feb 1967)

Quang Da Province

  • Q41 Special Action Coy (Nov 1970)
  • Dai Loc District: Q83 Inf Coy (Oct 1965), Quang Nam
  • Duy Xuyen District; Q81 Inf Coy (Jun 1967), Quang Nam
  • Hoa Vang District: Q84 Inf Coy (Nov 1969), Quang Nam; Hai Van Engr Coy (Nov 1968), Quang Nam; Q92 Sapper Coy (Oct 1968), Quang Nam
  • Tay Giang District: Q88 Inf Coy (Jul 1971), Quang Nam
  • Thuong Duc District: Q87 Inf Coy (Dec 1954)

Quang Ngai Province

  • C21 Sapper Coy (unknown)
  • 81 Sapper Coy (Apr 1964)
  • 95B Sapper Coy (Jun 1968)
  • 506A Sapper Coy (unknown)
  • 506B Sapper Coy (unknown)
  • H14 Recon Coy (May 1971)
  • H16 Engr Coy (Apr 1970)
  • Ba To District: C212 Inf Coy (Sep 1967)
  • Binh Son District: P31 Inf Coy (May 1966), H44 Inf Coy (Sep 1968), C51 LF Art Coy (unknown), 95A Sapper Coy (Jun 1968)
  • Duc Pho District: C120 Inf Coy (Aug 1966), C219 Inf Coy (Feb 1966)
  • Mo Duc District: C19 Inf Coy (Apr 1966), C17 Inf Coy (Mar 1968)
  • Nghia Hanh District: C18 Inf Coy (Jun 1968)
  • Minh Long District: C96 Inf Coy (Jan 1967)
  • Son Ha District: C25 Inf Coy (Apr 1967)
  • Son Tinh District: C12 Inf Coy (May 1967), V20 Inf Coy (Feb 1968)
  • Tra Bong District: C23 Inf Coy (Sep 1967)
  • Tu Nghia District: C16 Inf Coy (Jan 1967), C74 Inf Coy (Apr 1967), C75 Inf Coy (May 1967),

Quang Nan Province

  • V16 LF Sapper Coy (Dec 1967), Quang Tin
  • 78 Rocket Coy (Apr 1968), Quang Tin
  • 78 LF Inf Coy (Oct 1967), Quang Tin
  • 76 Inf Coy (Jul 1971), Quang Tin
  • Que Son District: 105 Inf Coy (Oct 1967), Quang Tin
  • Tan Ky Bac District: V14 Inf Coy (Feb 1967), 75 Inf Coy (Jul 1967), V12 Inf Coy (unknown), Quang Tin
  • Tan Ky Nan District: 706 Inf Coy (Jun 1968), V30 Recon Coy (Oct 1969), Quang Tin
  • Thang Binh District: C9 Inf Coy (Apr 1968), V15 Inf Coy (Nov 1966), 1 Sapper Coy (unknown), Quang Tin
  • Tien Phuoc District: C7 Inf Coy (Jan 1968), Quang Tin



Military Region 6

  • C115 Inf Coy (Female) (unknown), Binh Thuan

B3 Front

  • C314 Art Coy (Feb 1972), Darlac

Ninh Thuan Province

  • HT13 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • 274 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Bac Ai Dong District: 259 Inf Coy, 260 Inf Coy (both unknown)
  • Thuan Nan District: NT112 Inf Co, 250 Inf (both unknown)

Lam Dong Province

  • 715 LF Inf Coy (Feb 1972)
  • 730 LF Inf Coy (Feb 1972)
  • K4 District: C743 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Thi Xa Ba District: 745 Inf Coy (Jan 1966)

Binh Thuan Province

  • 480 Inf Coy(unknown)
  • 485 Hvy Wpns Coy (unknown)
  • C470 Sapper Coy (Feb 1972)
  • Lehong Phong District: 440 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Di Linh District: C744 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Han Thuan District: 430 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Thuan Phong District: 450 Inf Coy (Jun 1963)
  • Binh Hai District: 490 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Binh Giang District: 89 Inf Coy (unknown)

Tuyen Duc Province

  • 830 Sapper/Engr Coy (unknown)
  • 854 Sapper Coy (Oct 1970)
  • Vung Ailac Duong District: 870 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Vung Biduc Trong District: 809 Inf Coy, 816 Inf Coy (both unknown)
  • Vung Cidon Duong District: 815 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Dalat City District: 852 Sapper Coy, 850 Sapper Coy (both unknown)

Darlak Province

  • 303 Inf Coy (May 1965), Phu Bon
  • 312 Engr Coy (Feb 1972)
  • C313 Engr Coy (Feb 1972)
  • H2 District: H2 Inf Coy (unknown), Phu Bon
  • H3 District: H3 Inf Coy (unknown), Pleiku
  • H4 District: H4 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • H5 District: H5 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • H6 District: H6 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • H8/9 District: H8/9 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • H10 District: H10 Inf Coy (unknown)

Kontum Province

  • C6 Engr Coy (unknown)
  • C7 Recon Coy (unknown)
  • C15 NVA Sapper Coy
  • C31 Art Coy (Mar 1972)
  • H16 District: K01 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • H29 District: K02 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • H30 District: K03 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • H40 District: K04 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • H67 District: K05 Inf Coy, K06 Inf Coy, E15 Inf Coy (all unknown)
  • H80 District: K08 Inf Coy (unknown)

Gia Lai Province

  • X17 Engr Coy (unknown), Pleiku
  • X18 Engr Coy (unknown), Pleiku
  • Khu 3 District: S23 Inf Coy (unknown), Pleiku
  • Khu 4 District: S24 Inf Coy (unknown), Pleiku
  • Khu 5 District: S25 Inf Coy (unknown), X19 Engr Coy (Feb 1969), both Pleiku
  • Khu 6 District: S26 Inf Coy (unknown), Pleiku
  • Khu 7 District: Khu 7 Ha Lai Inf Coy (unknown), Binh Dinh
  • Khu 8 District: R26 Sapper Coy (unknown), Binh Dinh
  • Khu 9 District: C1 Inf Coy, C2 Inf Coy (both unknown), C90 Sapper Coy (Sep 1969), all Pleiku

Binh Dinh Province

  • 598 Water Sapper Coy (unknown)
  • An Lo District: An Lac Inf Coy (unknown)
  • An Nhon District: An Nhon Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Binh Khe District: D26 Inf Coy, Binh Khe Inf Coy (both unknown)
  • Hoai An District: Hoai An Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Hoai Nhon District: C1 Inf Coy, C2 Inf Coy, C3 Inf Coy (all unknown)
  • Phu Cat District: Phu Cat Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Phu My District: Phu My Inf Coy (unknown), C4 Inf Coy (Dec 1968), C1 Inf Coy C2 Inf Coy, C3 Inf Coy (all unknown)
  • Van Canh District: Van Canh Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Vinh Thanh District: Vinh Thanh Inf Coy (unknown)

Khanh Hoa Province

  • K91 Sapper Coy (unknown)
  • K92 Sapper Coy (unknown)
  • 548 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • C10 Art Coy (Feb 1972)
  • K-93 Water Sapper Coy (Feb 1972)
  • North Ninh Hoa District: C3 Inf Coy (Feb 1972)
  • South Ninh Hoa District: C1 Inf Coy (unknown)

Phu Yen Province

  • 202 LF Sapper Coy (Feb 1972)
  • C25 Sapper Coy (Feb 1972)
  • Don Xuan District: DK9 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Song Cau District: DK11 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Son Hoa District: DK5 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Tuy An District: DK7 Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Tuy Hoa 1 District: HK3 Tuy Hoa Inf Coy (unknown), 277B Inf Coy (Jan 1962)
  • Tuy Hoa 2 District: Tuy Hoa 2 Inf Coy (unknown)



Tay Ninh Province

  • Ben Cau District: C322 Ben Cau Inf Coy (Sep 1967)
  • Chau Tanh District: C40 Mobile Inf Coy (Sep 1959)
  • Duong Minh Chau District: C318 Inf Coy (Dec 1968)
  • Go Dau Ha District: C33 Go Dau Inf Coy (Jun 1967)
  • Toa Thanh and Tan Bien Districts: C334 Toa Thanh/Tan Bien Coy (Jun 1968)

Ba Ria Special Region

  • Long Thanh District: C5 Inf Coy, C2 Inf Coy, C1 Inf Coy (all Oct 1968), C240 Inf Coy (Jan 1961), all Bien Hoa
  • Thu Duc I District: Thu Duc Inf Coy (Sep 1968), Gia Dinh
  • Chau Duc District: C41 Chau Duc Inf Coy (Dec 1965), Phuoc Tuy
  • Long Dat District: C25 Long Dat Inf Coy (Jan 1968), Phuoc Tuy
  • Ba Ria District: C610 Ba Ria/Thi Ha Coy (Dec 1968), Phuoc Tuy

Thu Bien Special Region

  • Chau Thanh District: C65 Phuy Cuong Sapper Coy (Jun 1964), Binh Duong
  • Di An District: Di An Mobile Inf Coy (Jun1968), Bien Hoa
  • Lai Thieu District: C63 Lai Thieu Inf Coy (May 1961), Binh Duong
  • Tan Uyen District: C301 Inf Coy (jan 1967), Binh Duong

Sub Region 1

  • Ben Cat District: C61 Ben Cat Inf Coy (Feb 1961), Binh Duong
  • Cu Chi District: C10 Chu Chi Inf Coy (Mar 1968), Binh Duong; C20 Inf Coy, C15 Inf Coy, C25 Inf Coy (all Jun 1968), all Hau Nghia
  • Dau Tieng District: C64 Dau Tieng Inf Coy (Aug 1961), Binh Duong
  • Trang Bang District: C54 Inf Coy (Jan 1967), Hau Nghia

Long An Subregion

  • G21 Recon/Intel Coy (Jun 1968), Hau Nghia
  • C313 Chau Thanh Coy (Jan 1964), Long An
  • Ben Thu Distrrict: C1 Inf Coy, C2 Inf Coy (both Feb 1968), Long An
  • Duc Hoa District: 542 Inf Coy, 543 Inf Coy (both Nov 1968), Hau Nghia
  • Can Duoc District: C315 Can Duoc Inf Coy (Jan 1960), Long An
  • Tan Tru District: C2 Inf Coy (Feb 1966), C314 Tan Tru Inf Coy (Jan 1964), K5 NVA LF Inf Coy, all Long An

Phuoc Long Province

  • K4 District: K25 Inf Coy (Sep 1968)
  • K6 District: K16 Inf Coy (Sep 1968)
  • K59 District: K24 Inf Coy (Sep 1968)
  • K17 District: K17 Inf Coy (Sep 1968)

Binh Tuy Province

  • 422 Inf Coy (Jun 1964)
  • 423 Inf Coy (Aug 1968)
  • 460 Hap Tan Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Hoai Duc/Tan Linh District: C88 Inf Coy (Aug 1968)
  • Chau Thanh District: C42 Chau Thanh Inf Coy (Dec 1960)



Military Region 2

  • 268 MF RR Coy (unknown), Chau Doc
  • C312 MF Sapper Coy (unknown), Dinh Tuong
  • 401 MF Sapper/Recon Coy (unknown), Kien Tuong
  • 502 MF Air Def Coy (unknown), Dinh Tuong
  • 524 MF RR Coy (unknown), Dinh Tuong
  • 504 MG Air Def Coy (unknown), Kien Phuong

An Giang Province

  • 6 Art Coy (unknown), Chau Doc
  • An Phu District: 260 An Phu Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Chau Phu District: 802 Chau Phu Inf Coy (unknown)
  • District: 806 Cho Moi Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Thot Not (Hue Duc) District: 807 Hue Duc Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Tinh Bien District: 804 Tinh Bien Inf Coy (unknown), Chau Doc
  • Tri Ton District: 805 Tri Ton Ranger Coy (unknown), Chau Doc

Ben Tre Province

  • Ba Tri District: 580 Ba Tri Inf Coy (unknown), Kien Hoa
  • Chau Thanh District: 550 Han Long Inf Coy (unknown), Kien Hoa
  • Cho Lach Distrrict: Cho Lach Inf Coy (unknown), Vinh Long
  • Binh Dai District: 590 Binh Dai Inf Coy (unknown), Kien Hoa
  • Giong Tron District: 560 Ben Tre Cty Inf Coy, 570 Giong Tron Inf Coy (both unknown), Kien Hoa
  • Mo Cay District: 540 Mo Cay Inf Coy (unknown), Kien Hoa
  • Thanh Phu District: 530 Thanh Phu Inf Coy (unknown), Kien Hoa

Go Cong Province

  • C206 Go Gong Inf Coy (unknown)
  • 207 Assault Coy (unknown)
  • Hoa Dong District: 305 Hoa Dong Inf Coy (unknown), 309 Recon Coy (Oct 1968)

Kien Phong Province

  • Cao Lanh District: 926 Cao Lanh Inf Coy (unknown), Kien Van Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Hong Ngu District: 211 Hong Ngu Inf Coy (unknown)
  • My An District: My An Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Thanh Binh District: Thanh Binh Inf Coy (unknown)

Kien Tuong Province

  • 917 Recon Coy (Jan 1968)
  • 918 Engr Coy (Jul 1968)
  • Chau Thanh District: 929 Chau Thanh Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Kien Binh District: 949 Kien Binh Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Tuyen Binh District: 989 Tuyen Binh Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Tuyen Nhon District: 969 Tuyen Nhon Inf Coy (unknown)

My Tho Province

  • C212 Sapper/Engr Coy (unknown), Dinh Tuong
  • 334 MF Sapper Coy (unknown), Dinh Tuong
  • Cai Be District: 464 Cai Be Inf Coy (unknown), Dinh Tuong
  • Cai Lay District: 462 Cai Lay Inf Coy (unknown), Dinh Tuong
  • Chau Thanh District: 460 Chau Thanh Inf Coy (unknown), Dinh Tuong
  • Cho Gao District: 458 Cho Gao Inf Coy, Cho Gao Ranger Coy (both unknown), Dinh Tuong

Ca Mau Province

  • Bay Chau District: C7 Sapper Coy, C165 Inf Coy (both unknown), An Xuyen; 1021 Chau Thanh Inf Coy (unknown), Bac Lieu
  • Muoi Cu District: 1109 Thoi Binh Inf Coy (unknown), An Xuyen
  • Muoi Te District: 1105-1006 Song Ong Doc Coy (unknown), An Xuyen
  • Tu Khang District: 1010 Dan Doi Inf Coy, 1107 Cai Muoc Inf Coy, 2001 Nan Dan Inf Coy (all unknown), An Xuyen

Can Tho Province

  • C36 Sapper Coy (unkown), Chuong Thien
  • Can Tho City Inf Coy (unknown), Phong Dinh
  • Vinh Thuan Inf Coy (unkown), Chuong Thien
  • Can Tho A District: Chau Thanh A Inf Coy, Chau Thanh B Inf Coy (both unknown), Phong Dinh
  • Can Tho B District: Chau Thanh 8 Inf Coy (unknown), Phong Dinh
  • Long My A District: Long My Art Coy (Oct 1968), Chuong Thien
  • Long My B District: Long My Inf Coy (unknown), Chuong Thien
  • O Mon District: 1006-1002 Inf Coy (unknown), Phong Dinh
  • Phung Hiep District: 29-102 P Hiep Inf Coy (unknown), Phong Dinh

Rach Gia Province

  • An Bien District: Kien An Inf Coy (unknown), Kien Giang
  • Chau Thanh A District: Chau Thanh Inf Coy, Chau Thanh B Inf Coy (both unknown), Phong Dinh
  • Ha Tien District: C3 Reg [Regional?] Inf Coy (unknown), Vinh Long; 302 MT 405 Inf Coy (unknown), Kien Giang
  • Giong Rieng District: Kien Binh Inf Coy (unknown), Kien Giang
  • Go Quac District: Go Quac Inf Coy (Jan 1971), Chuong Thien
  • Phu Quoc District: 405 Phu Quoc Inf Coy (unknown), Kien Giang
  • Tan Hiep District: Kien Tan Inf Coy (unknown), Kien Giang
  • Vinh Thuan District: Vinh Thuan (unknown), Chuong Thien

Soc Trang Province

  • C368 Inf Coy (Feb 1962), Ba Xuyen
  • 71 Ke Sach Inf Coy (unknown), Ba Xuyen
  • C602 Hvy Wpns Coy (unknown), Ba Xuyen
  • Chau Thanh District: 202 Thuan Hoa Inf Coy (unknown), Ba Xuyen; 505 Phuoc Long Inf Coy (unknown), Vinh Long
  • Chin Nam District: C1109-2 Gai Rai Inf Coy (unknown), Bac Lieu
  • Hong Dan (Phuoc Long) District: 303 Thanh Tri Inf Coy (unknown), Bac Lieu
  • Long Phu District: 604 Long Phu Inf Coy (unknown), Bac Lieu
  • My Xuyen District: My Xuyen Inf Coy (unknown), Bac Lieu
  • Vinh Chau District: C301 Vinh Chau Inf Coy (unknown), Bac Lieu
  • Vinh Loi District: 606 Vinh Loi Inf Coy (unknown), Bac Lieu

Tra Vinh Province

  • 509 Inf Coy (Jan 1966), Vinh Binh
  • 529 Inf Coy (unknown), Vinh Binh
  • Cang Long Districta; 525 Cang Long Inf Coy (unknown), Vinh Binh
  • Cau Ke District: 506 Cau Ke Inf Coy (unknown), Vinh Binh
  • Cau Noang District: 507 Cau Noang Inf Coy, 507B Cau Noang Inf Coy (both unknown), Vinh Binh
  • Chau Thanh District: 527 Chau Thanh Inf Coy, 531 Tra Vinh Ranger Coy (both unknown), Vinh Binh
  • Tra Cu District: 503 Tra Cu Inf Coy (unknown), Vinh Binh
  • Tra On District: Tra On 1 Inf Coy (unknown); Vinh Long; Tra On 2 Inf Coy, Tieu Can Inf Coy (both unknown), Vinh Binh
  • Vung Liem District: Vung Liem 1 Inf Coy, Vung Liem 2 Inf Coy (both unknown), Vinh Binh; C523 Vung Liem Coy (unknown), Vinh Long

Vinh Long Province

  • C1002 Tam Binh Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Binh Minh District: C1005 Binh Minh Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Cai Nhum District: C1001 Minh Duc Inf Coy (unknown)
  • Chau Thanh District: Chau Thanh 2 Inf Coy (unknown); C855 Art Coy (unknown), Sa Dec; C1003 Chau Thanh Inf Coy (unknown), Kien Hoa
  • Lap Vo District: Lap Vo Inf Coy (unknown), Bac Lieu
  • Le Ha District: Le Ha Inf Coy (unknown), Sa Dec
  • Tam Binh District: Tam Binh 2 Inf Coy (unknown)


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