Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Order of Battle - Mobile Strike Forces (MIKE).

Submitted by Richard A. Rinaldi 1999

Mobile Strike Forces

In summer 1965 Special Forces created a Mobile Strike (or "Mike") Force. Each corps tactical zone had one, and there was a country-wide Mobile Force at Nha Trang (IV Corps and Nha Trang Mike Forces were established Jan 1966). These began to be organized into companies of 184 men each, and were theoretically airborne-qualified. The Nha Trang MSF had six companies by 1967, although three were then absorbed into another Special Forces project and two more formed. These companies formed a reserve that could be used to help CIDG camps under attack or for reconnaissance or other special missions.

In Mar 1968 the Nha Trang MSF was redesignated 55th MSF Command and expanded with a HQ and two battalions. Each of the corps tactical zones also formed MSF Commands: 16th, 20th, 36th and 40th. Battalions were to consist of three companies (184 men each), and each MSFC except the 55th was authorized a 135-man recon company. Initially, 16th MSFC had one battalion, the 20th, 36th and 40th had three battalions each, and the 55th (retaining its country-wide mission) had two. In Jul 1968 the 16th had two battalions, the 20th had five, and 55th had four, with 36th and 40th still at three. In fall 1968 the five commands were renumbered as 1st to 5th.

1st MSFC was at Da Nang; strengths at various dates: 1463 Jul 1968, 1075 Oct 1968, and 790 Oct 1969. The camp was converted to border ranger 14 Nov 1970.

2nd MSF was at Pleiku; strengths at various dates: 3119 Jul 1968, 2410 in Oct 1968 (with elements at Pleiku, Ban Me Thuot, Kontum, and Qui Nhon); and 3010 in Oct 1969. The Pleiku camp was converted to border ranger 31 May 1970, although there were still 567 MSF personnel at Kontum as late as Oct 1970.

3rd MSF was at Long Hai; strengths at various dates: 2015 Jul 1968; 1948 Oct 1968; and 2124 in Oct 1969. There were still 500 MSF personnel there Oct 1970, and the camp closed 1 Jan 1971.

4th MSF was at Can Tho; strengths at various dates: 2199 Jul 1968; 1600 in Oct 1968 (scattered among Don Phuc, Moc Hoa, to Chau, and Cao Lanh); 1950 in Oct 1969. The camp was converted to border ranger 31 May 1970, although there were still 560 MSF personnel in Oct 1970 (at Moc Hoa and Cao Lanh).

5th MSF was at Nha Trang; strength: 2570 Jul 1968.


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