1:35th and 1:72nd Scale Models

The Modelers Interest Group (Vietnam War) are a Netherlands based group who specialise in modeling vehicles from the Vietnam War in different scales.

Whilst they do not (as yet) have a web site of their own, they do produce a newsbrief which is entitled Rollin' Thunder. They are currently in the process of producing issue #7. Whilst all issues prior to #6 were produced in Dutch, both #6 and #7 have also been produced in English.

The original AMTRAC pictures (which I have edited and presented below) were sent to me by  Jan Mulder. It is quite clear that Jan and his friends take their modeling very seriously and that their attention to detail, as well as their technique, reflect this.

Jan is currently working on producing a 1:72nd scale M-728 CEV (Combat Engineer Vehicle) working from 1:35th scale plans of an M-60 which he found in the 1997 issue of 'Fine Scale Modeler'. To help him in this project Jan has been in contact with members of the 20th and 70th Engineer battalions. If you have any pictures of this vehicle or other information concerning it then please contact Jan as he would like to hear from you. Similarly, the MIG (Vietnam War) are always looking to introduce new members to their group so if you are interested let Jan know!

I would like to thank Jan and all the other members of MIG (Vietnam War) for submitting the pictures to and for giving their permission to reproduce them here.


AMTRAC 1:35th Scale
AMTRAC 1:35th Scale (Plastic Kit)


AMTRAC & LVTH 1:72nd Scale
AMTRAC & LVTH 1:72nd Scale (Resin Kits)


LVTH 1:72nd Scale
LVTH 1:72nd Scale


AMTRAC 1:72nd Scale
AMTRAC 1:72nd Scale


M113 ACAV & AMTRAC 1:72nd Scale
M113 ACAV & AMTRAC 1:72nd Scale


LVTH&LVTP 1:72nd Scale
LVTH & LVTP 1:72nd Scale

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