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Grunt reading 'News from the WORLD!'This page is intended as an opportunity for YOU to let the rest of us know what is happening out there in the 'World' - we want to hear about anything which has a bearing on our hobby. So, if you know of upcoming or intended  events, conventions, new figure and model releases, changes in ownership or address of suppliers, new rules, clubs, interesting articles, books, publications and so on, then let us have the details. In fact if you have anything which you wish to make public knowledge regarding Vietnam or Vietnam Wargaming then contact me so that it can appear here on the site. All of us are news hungry when it comes to our hobby and any developments within it so please feel free to forward items for inclusion.

ARCHIVES of previous 'Breaking News

7th July 2001 Wargaming Vietnam - if you are a wargamer of this period then you may be interested to know of a company that is just starting up producing buildings and terrain in 6mm and 15-20mm scale. At the moment they are carrying out market research to find out what sorts of buildings and terrain are actually wanted by gamers. You can contact them at to let them know your views. Alternatively, you can pay a visit their embryonic web site.

Quality and variety is almost guaranteed since one of the partners in the new venture is Barrie Lovell. Watch this space for reviews of models in the near future.


7th July 2001 The London War Room

TLWR will be presenting a Vietnam Skirmish game at Historicon on Friday 20th July, 2001 in which they will be field testing their new adaptation of H.G. Walls 'Brother Against Brother' rule set. They will also be presenting some 20+ new figures for the 25mm Vietnam range. Details of the game are available from the Historicon PEL.


7th July 2001 Looking for information

Scott Moore wrote;

I would like to know if you have any info on a "BOOBY TRAP FLASH M1117".  My boys (3 & 6 years old) found one on my property.  It was hooked to a spool of trip wire but was not set up.  I would like to know how powerful they are and how easy they can be found for sale.

If you can help with any information then please contact me and I will pass on the info to Scott. Thanks.


7th July 2001 Looking for information

Robert Meharg, Sp4 2/10 FA, 197th Inf Bde, wrote;

I could us some help in locating anyone from the 159th that served AFTER 01/72. I lost the 'buddy' that talked me into raising my right hand. His name was Sp4 James Hackett, Crew Chief / Master Door Gunner on Shithooks. When the aircraft was shot down, recovery teams only found 4 bodies, while there was supposedly 21 souls on board? His designation on the Wall has changed - if he WAS recovered, I would like to know where he is?

If you can help with any information then please contact me and I will pass on the info to Dean. Thanks.


7th July 2001 Looking for information

Dean Ernst, former USMC, wrote;

While I was in the Corp I came across a few references to a close combat weapon. I cannot remember its name but the description was that of a tomahawk with some changes to it (and) was hoping to find a reference to it.

If you can help with any information then please contact me and I will pass on the info to Dean. Thanks.

7th July 2001 Looking for information

Steve Swanson wrote;

I am looking for the design of the patch for the Shamrock Slicks. They were a company of the 1st Air Cav in Vietnam. We need a picture of the patch for a memorial plaque for Ray Carter. He served in Vietnam in 1971-72. Any help would be appreciated.

If you can help with any information then please contact me and I will pass on the info to Steve. Thanks.


7th July 2001 Looking for information

Thomas Edmondson wrote;

Is the LSA weapons oil bottle (4-oz, black top, drab green) still being manufactured today? If so, who is the manufacturer or the distributor?

If you can help with any information then please contact me and I will pass on the info to Thomas. Thanks.


7th July 2001 Battleground Vietnam - EZ8 have recently released a version of the rules for this game in CD format. Retail price is something in the region of $35.... any buyers?


7th July 2001 Looking for information

Marc wrote to me with the following enquiry;

I am trying to find info on the ammunition guide that 7.62 ammo goes through to the mini gun from the ammo can. I would like to try it out on an m-60d, on a uh-60. I am looking for info and\or a stock number. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

If you can help with information then please let me know and I will pass it on to Marc. Thanks.


7th July 2001 Looking for information

Etak52 wrote;

My brother, PFC John James Conway, USMC L/3/4 KIA March 17, 1967 Quang Tri.  Parris Island Boot Camp Platoon 3057 July - September 1966.

Anyone out there who may have known my brother/been by his side, please contact.

If anyone can help, then please let me know and I will pass it on. Thanks.


7th July 2001 Looking for information

Ron Quigley, doorgunner with 178th ASHC, is looking for information and wrote:

I am in need of any information about a downed chinook from the 101st Airborne?  I was a door gunner, assigned to the 178th ASHC stationed in Chu Lai, attached to the Americal Div.  I believe an incident took place sometime late Summer of 1969. An aviation company of the 101st Airborne, of six CH-47's, came up from Siagon, and were briefly assigned to the Americal Div.  The men from 101st bivouacked in tents of the company area to the 178th, until disaster struck.  One aircraft from the 101st company collided with an observation aircraft and all  on board were killed.  I would like very much to know the company involved in that incident?  What was the date of that accident?  Lastly, could you furnish me with the serial number to the aircraft please?

If anyone can help, then please let me know and I will pass it on to Ron. Thanks.


12th May 2001 Go Mon Battalion - I am looking for any information regarding the NVA/VC Go Mon Battalion(s). I know that both the 2nd and 4th Battalions were involved in the attacks on Saigon during the opening stages of Tet in '68 but would like to find out more about these particular battalions and if possible, their parent regiment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike R.


12th May 2001 Any Ideas? Ryno2000 has written to say that he has found an old M13 can labeled 'Grenade Cartridge Assortment - 10 Cart, Rifle Grenade, Cal-30M3'. If anyone has a clue to what he has found can they let me know? Thanks.


12th May 2001 Tim Michael, Aeroscout - Mark Michael, from Syracuse, NY, is looking for information about his brother, Tim Michael, who was an OH-6 Aeroscout with the 101st Airborne (Phu Bai/Camp Eagle). Tim was KIA on July 4, 1969. If you have any information please contact me and I will pass it on to Mark. Thanks.


14th April 2001 Message Board and Guest Book - my apologies to all who have tried to access these features recently from the menu at the bottom of each page. have now withdrawn the service (and taken all the information contained therein!) and I am having technical problems clearing the links from the pages. I have every intention of replacing these services so please be patient.


14th April 2001 Partizan - Matt Spooner, of Dereham Wargames Club, will be presenting 'The Battle of Long Tan' at this year's Partizan at Kelham Hall, Newark on the 27th May 2001. Matt will be using Barrie Lovell's Incoming! rules (an adaptation of Arty Conliffe's Crossfire). If you get the chance then why not join Matt for what looks like an excellent scenario (details of the scenario will appear on Grunt! following the show - don't want to give any secrets away!).


14th April 2001 Puckapunyal - I have had a number of interesting 'translations' of this word,

"Puckapunyal" supposedly means "Meeting Place of the Winds".  It's a dusty, windy, too-cold-in-winter, bloody-boiling-in-summer s**t hole that nobody ever wanted to visit.  So they put our arms corps training schools there.  Of course.

Thanks to Dallas Gavan and Craig Burnett for their comments :-)


14th April 2001 123rd Aviation Battalion, Americal Division - if anybody has information on this unit, and in particular a URL, can they please contact me. Thanks.


17th Mar 2001 Message Board, Guest Book and Search - unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, these three services are to be withdrawn on 1st April since who supply these free of charge have now decided to charge exorbitant prices for their use. Consequently I am currently seeking suitable replacements for these services and would greatly appreciate any suggestions.


17th Mar 2001 Pendraken Miniatures - Dave Pengilley of Pendraken has informed me that they have just released a new batch of Australian figures including officers, RTO, M60 gunners and others. Also, they have released a new recon helicopter (an OH-6A I believe) and a Huey. All excellent news for collectors of 10mm figures (me included).

17th Mar 2001 Britannia Miniatures - Britannia have recently completed their move to new premises and now have their own shop-front. Their address has changed (although Telephone/Fax remains the same), but apart from that it is business as usual. I am in the process of completing the painting and reviewing of a whole load of figures and these will be presented soon.


17th Mar 2001 The Mad Galahs - I am informed by the author, Brigadier (Retired) George Mansford, that the book will be available shortly in the UK and Ireland from Waterstone's or Hatchard's bookstores.


17th Mar 2001 Terry F. Woodard, Sterling, Illinois

Luenna wrote;

I knew an army pilot who flew missions in Vietnam in the late 60's. He flew Huey helicopters.  He was shot down and sent home.  His name is Terry F. Woodard, from Sterling Illinois.  He was discharged in or around 1970ish. (maybe 1969.). I do not know what unit he served with. If anyone knows how to find him, please tell him that he served his country well and I would love to talk to him about days gone past and the Vietnam situation thirty years later.

If anyone can help then please contact me and I will pass the information on to Luenna. Thanks.


17th Mar 2001 'C' Company, 3RAR

Maurice Bounden would like to say 'hello' to all the men of 'C' Company, 3 RAR. See the message board for the thread.


17th Mar 2001 Puckapunyal

Peter Lane, ex-RAAF, wants to know what the meaning or origin is of the phrase 'puckapunyal'? Obviously this is one for all you Antipodeans - me, well I can barely pronounce it!! If you happen to know what it means, I would be interested in knowing.


17th Jan 2001 Modelers Interest Group Vietnam

Pleased to announce that this group now has it's own web site - a perfect accompaniment to their superb magazine. Thanks Jan.

27th Jan 2001 131st AER WPNS. CO.

Charles Mecca is looking for information on this unit, in particular for a URL. Can anybody help? Please send me details.


27th Jan 2001 80th Battalion, 1st VC Regiment

Thomas Miller, a USMC Veteran and artist, is looking for information regarding the activities and whereabouts of this unit in the period May 23, 1965 to Dec. 18, 1965 as part of his research. If you are able to help then please contact me and I will pass the information on to Tom.


27th Jan 2001 NVA Rank Structure

Can anybody tell me what the NVA rank equivalents were for an E-1 to 0-8 if that is possible? Thanks.

27th Jan 2001 Soldier & War Magazine

A new, bi-monthly, web-based Miniature Wargaming and re-enactment magazine is now available for viewing at


27th Jan 2001 Looking for 1/100th OH-6

If anybody knows of any manufacturer who produces a 1/100th (15mm) OH-6A 'Cayuse', can you please contact me as I (and others) are looking for a model to use with Incoming!. Thanks, Mike R.


27th Jan 2001 Battleground Vietnam

I am informed that Easy Eight Enterprises, the producers of the WWII rules Battleground, are soon to release Battleground Vietnam with a set of rules called 'Lock and Load' as well as a range of accompanying 28mm figures. Thanks Paul.


16th Dec 2000 Looking for 1/72nd Models

James Gibbons is looking for help in finding any manufacturer of 1/72nd LVTPs and in particular any manufacturers of a Quad .50 (Maxson turret). If you can help then please post to the Message Board or to me and I will forward your comments on to James. Thanks.


16th Dec 2000 M-37 3/4-ton Cargo Truck

Does anybody know who makes a Dodge M-37 3/4-ton Cargo Truck in either 15mm, 20mm or 25mm scale? if so, can you please let me know. Thanks, Mike R.


25th Nov 2000 Lt. Charles Pitts

Mary Pitts is looking for people who served with her husband, Lt. Charles Richard Pitts, who was KIA 27th November 1967 on Hill 875. Lt. Pitts was with 'A' Company, 1/12th, 4th Division. If you have any information regarding Lt. Pitts please contact me and I will let Mary know to contact you directly.


14th Oct 2000 Desperate Land

Michael Sarno will be presenting three Vietnam scenarios at Fall In (Gettysburg, PA, 3-5 Nov 2000) using his new Desperate Land rules system. This will also be the debut for Desperate Land Commander, a platoon-level version of Desperate Land which should be very interesting.   

Check out the PEL for for further information.


14th Oct 2000 Small Arms Books and Pamphlets

Ian Skennerton, international author, now has his own website at which is well worth a visit. Numerous publications are available for order on-line and details regarding how to obtain the publications from distributors in your country of origin are clearly given.

As an example publication, 

‘SUB-MACHINE GUNS, Austen -Owen-Thompson 1943’ Small Arms Training. 1999 reprint. Paperback, 7 x 5 ins. 64 pp, well illust. with photographs, saddle-stitched binding, same as the original. Australian Military Forces, WW2 pam with exploded parts illustrations of the three guns, a stripping & cleaning guide, action of mechanisms, holding & firing procedures and safety and care of the three types of guns. $9.50


14th Oct 2000 New 10mm Aussies from Pendraken Miniatures

Dave Pengilley from Pendraken writes;

I've a new range of Australians for Vietnam, foot figures first, the first batch should be ready in 3 weeks. I am also revamping the Huey, bringing out a loach and a cobra, further down the line vehicles for the Australians.

has already received some samples of the Aussies and will be presenting a review shortly.

14th Oct 2000 Looking for a flight in a Huey... writes;

I was wondering if you could help me. I am trying to find out if there is anywhere in the U.S. where I could actually take a ride in a huey (UH-1B / UH-1C or UH-1H)? I heard that the  Knob creek  gun show did it last year, but I'm not sure if this was a one off.

Or if you know if there is a cemetary with hueys / cobras etc kept that can be visited. Much thanks , if you can help.

If anyone knows where Hu13ey can get a ride then please let him know.


14th Oct 2000 Pre-Cut Figure Bases

Irob from the Vietgaming list writes;

Found a good source of wargames bases... They're cut from 2mm thick MDF very accurately and at £1.00 per pack (mine were 30x30mm and had 16 bases) were excellent value. Suppliers were LKM Direct Ltd, 26 Cadogan Gardens, South Woodford, London, E18 1LU. Tel: 020 8989 4212

14th Oct 2000 Information Required

Joe Kelly of Britannia Miniatures / Combined Arms, Inc. needs information re M35 and M54 vehicles for 20mm masters for commercial production. If anyone has any info, e.g., pics, dimensions, 3-views, books, sources, etc. - please provide contact Joe.


Phone/Fax:  757-857-7698




30th Sept 2000 Military Watch

Bob Torrie ( ) wrote;

Bob Torrie's WatchI have just returned from business in Vietnam where I bought a serial numbered military Hamilton wrist watch. I would dearly like to know any history of this watch i.e. owner etc, do you know any way of finding this info? I would be very grateful if you could help in any way.


The following information is stamped on the back of the watch:

WRIST WATCH, GG-W-113, FED. STOCK NO. 6645-066-4279, MFG. PART NO. 92230, CONT. NO. GS-06S-6238, DATE DECEMBER 1971, SERIAL NO. 9257, US.

If you are able to help Bob with his enquiries then let him know.


30th Sept 2000 Red Star Model Release

Red Star have recently released a new 20mm tank that is suited for use with your NVA forces. It is a Chinese T63 (1972) which is very similar to the PT76. Retailing at about £7.00, the model is made in 1/76th scale.

Red Star also supply a number of other interesting Vietnam vehicles including, amongst others, the US M-109 155mm SP Gun, Soviet T-62, USMC LVTP 5A1 AMTRAC and the LVTH 6A1 (LVTP5 armed with turret mounted 105 mm gun).

Details may be obtained from Jeff Spain, 3 South Way, Lewes, east Sussex, BN7  1LX. UK. Telephone 01273  47 24 65. Alternatively you can email Jeff directly for an up to date listing.


30th Sept 2000 'D' Troop 1/9 Air Cav

Robert Ainslie is looking for information regarding the organisation of this ground cavalry troop. If you can help him then please post your suggestions to me here for forwarding to Robert, or else post them directly to the Vietgaming list.


30th Sept 2000 'Desperate Land'

Following playtesting at USMAPS, Michael Sarno's new Vietnam rules set has been sent out for general playtesting. From what I understand, and knowing how particular Michael is, I expect these rules to be heavily tested before release to the general public.


2nd Sept 2000 QRF

Geoff Titchener of QRF wrote:

As of 1 September the LVTP-5A1 is ready. This is a multi-part kit, with separate front ramp and turret. There are actually 3 variants, all of the personnel carrier, each with a different configuration of sandbags round the front and sides or the armoured exhaust box.
Also out is the LVTP-7. This is available as the LVTP-7A1 and also the LVTP-7 Command. There is also an LVTP-7 Recovery version, but that needs a little more time.
Finally, we have the M577, at last.
There is more on the way, including a superbly detailed, and 1:100 scale, PT-76 which is just in need of the barrel to be finished. All of the soviet armour is also new.

Unfortunately, I cannot give a review of these models since I have not seen them myself. Anyone who wants to submit a review (and pictures) just send them to me.


2nd Sept 2000 New US Distributor for Britannia Miniatures

With effect from the 15th of August 2000, Britannia will no longer be dealing with the Elite Group. Their new Agent and sole distributor within the United States of America will be as follows:

Combined Arms Inc., 5132 E. Princess Anne Road, Norfolk, Virginia 23502

Tel/Fax 757-857-7698 (Mobile 757-286-0815)

Business Hours: Mon - Sat 9am - 6pm (Eastern Standard Time)


Combined Arms will shortly be setting up dedicated a web site with a secure shopping cart facility for USA customers.

PRICING POLICY: US customers will be pleased to know that Britannia products will now be available at a much lower and more competitive price than has previously been the case. Britannia will also be able to offer a more dedicated and efficient mail order system..


2nd Sept 2000 NEW BOOK from KEITH NOLAN

Keith Nolan, the author of numerous Vietnam titles has written to me regarding the release of his latest book about the battle for Firebase Ripcord;

Just a quick note to let you know that the book I was working on was finally published as RIPCORD:  SCREAMING EAGLES UNDER SIEGE, VIETNAM 1970.

If interested, please check out Amazon for reviews and ordering information.  I think you will love this book.  It examines the three-week battle in day-by-day, company-by-company detail with all views represented from division down to the individual grunts.  It's a fascinating story, and thanks to the input of numerous 101st veterans, I was able to tell it in excruciating detail. One of you guys should turn the book into a wargame!

Let me know what you think of the book. . . .

2nd Sept 2000 BIG GAME PLANNED

Barrie Lovell, author of the Incoming! rules supplement and Free Fire Zone, is planning a large-scale Vietnam battle using the amended Crossfire system. I shall be joining him in what is likely to be a 24-hour Vietnam extravaganza. We would also like to know whether you can join us? The event is likely to take place in Shrewsbury, UK. However, Barrie wrote;

While I am on the subject of gamers is it worth putting an item on the website news page asking for details of UK Vietnam gamers and the areas in which they are prepared to play? Details of scales played might also be useful. I was thinking of trying to find out if there are any other UK gamers using the crossfire gaming system who we might be able to co-opt into some big games.

If you are currently producing, or plan to produce, forces in 15mm to be used with the Incoming! rules (see Forces for Crossfire), then please contact me and let me know. Similarly, both Barrie and myself possess considerable 20mm forces so this is always an option.


2nd Sept 2000 SEARCH & DESTROY

Ted Filer ( posted the following message on the message-board which I thought would be a good idea to reproduce here.

Guys - My ten year old expressed an interest in boardgaming the other day. When I went to dig-out my favorite old wargame I found the rules were missing. Do you have, or can you direct me to someone who has a set of rules for Simulations Publications, Inc. (S.P.I.) Search & Destroy (tactical combat in Vietnam 1966-1968)? I'd buy the whole game if I have to, but all I really need is a photocopy of the rules. Thanks for any help you can give.

Ted Filer, 5340 Carolyn Dr, Hilliard, OH 43026, (614) 336-7134

Given that Ted is responding to the request of his young son, let's really try to help him on this one, after all, here is a perfect chance to recruit a new Vietnam gamer. Good luck Ted!! 


5th August 2000 QRF

Geoff Titchener of QRF will be announcing the release of some new Vietnam vehicles in September, including an LVTP-7 in different variants. Will keep you posted.

5th August 2000 Looking for an OH-6 (tail number 14 462)!

Dale Wey writes; 

Hi. I need help locating info and pictures of this OH6. It spent 2 years in Nam with the 101st not sure which out fit. These should be the correct numbers 14 462. Would like to know if you might be able to help me out thanks very much...

If anyone can help out on this then please contact me and I will pass the information on to Dale.

5th August 2000 Mainly Military

Mainly Military produce a range of 20mm Terrain pieces, many of which are suitable for use Vietnam games. The list can be obtained from  Mainly Military & MBG Accessories, 45 Monkleigh Road Mordern Surrey SM4 4EN. Tel: 020 8781 1323  or  Email:

5th August 2000 Anyone out there have a set of blue-prints for a Mark II PBR? If so then contact since he wants to build a full-scale replica - substituting water cannon for the main armament and twin-screws for the jet propulsion system - for use on a local lake!!



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