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Archive Period 11th Dec 1999 - 8th July 2000

8th July 2000 Britannia Miniatures are in the process of introducing a discount and standing-order scheme. In effect, as of 1st July, you will receive discounts of up to 15% on bulk orders (£50 - £100 = 10%, £100 - £200 = 12.5%, £200 plus = 15%). Also, Britannia are introducing a 'standing order' scheme that ensures you get each new release in their Vietnam range as soon as it becomes available. Full details can be obtained directly from Britannia.


8th July 2000 Liberation Miniatures Review - the review of these miniatures contained a number of mistakes which I would like to correct. The figures themselves are actually from the 'Viet Minh' range and are armed with French Mas-36 rifles, not SKS carbines as stated. I have altered the article accordingly. Thanks to Rolf at Liberation Miniatures for pointing this out.


10th June 2000 Crossfire Forces - painting the first NVA Platoon

My apologies if you have been waiting for this article since I have been unable to complete it in time for this upload. The problem is that I got so engrossed in painting the unit that I forgot to take pictures of the various stages!

However, I have included pictures of the finished unit which form the basis of a page which is under construction.


10th June 2000 USMC 2nd Landing Support Company

Dave Sherwood writes;

Mike, I was stationed at Camp Lejeune from 1956 -1959 with the 2nd Shore Party Bn, which became the 2nd Landing Support Company as I left in '59.  We were part of Headquarters Co, and attached to Service/Engineer Bn or Regiment, as I recall.  We were the guys who wore red patches on our head gear and trousers, and we worked closely with the UDT guys and the Seabee's

When I went back to LeJeune during the Vietnam War era in an attempt to locate the guys I knew as Sgts, Officers and career Marines, it seemed all the guys I knew had flat out vanished.  No one stateside (some of whom had just returned from Vietnam) knew of these guys, and it's always been a mystery to me if they suddenly decided to leave the Corps, or lost their lives in Vietnam.

I don't know what units they would have been reassigned to in Vietnam, so I am at a loss as to where to hunt them down.  Can you be of any assistance?  I've been looking on the Internet for a year or two now trying to find the guys I once knew - to no avail.

Thanks for your help.

Dave can be contacted by email


10th June 2000 Peoria, Illinois Area

Scott Curry is looking for Vietnam gamers in his local area. He runs Vietnam games and has an extensive collection of models and figures. Scott wants to raise the profile of Vietnam gaming in his area and would appreciate local gamers with an interest in Vietnam to contact him at

Scott is also looking for sponsorship from any games/hobby store or manufacturer who would be willing to help him promote Vietnam gaming in the Illinois and Central US area by providing free samples, helping to support Demo games at his local club and so forth.


10th June 2000 ANZAC Small Arms

Ian Skennerton, a leading authority on small arms, has informed me that he has a new publication available in the Small Arms Identification Series devoted to the Austen and Owen SMGs, priced at $9.50.

Ian is currently working on another book in the series concerning the 7.62mm L1A1 and already has a publication in print concerning the L1A1 entitled 'SLR'.

Details and prices of Ian's books will be posted as soon as I receive the information.


10th June 2000 QRF

Geoff Titchener of QRF has informed me that their newly released LVTP5 now comes with sand-bagging along the crew compartment and along the front. It is the A1 version with the armoured top exhaust.

Also recently released are some US Korean infantry with M1 carbine, M1 rifle, BAR and 3.5" Bazooka (these could well be used as ROKs in Vietnam games?) as well as the M20 75mm RCL and crew.

Geoff is currently working on an M35 and the LVTP7 and plans are underway to produce the LVTH-6 as well as the engineer version of the LVTH-5 this space.


10th June 2000 Congratulations

My congratulations to Pete Jones who has received the 'Site of the Month' award from the British Wargames & Military History Search Engine for his 'Free Wargames Rules' website. This is the very same award that received last month. Pete's site is well worth a visit and contains numerous Vietnam rules sets (see below).


10th June 2000 Vietnam Skirmish Rules

Pete Jones writes;

The Smell of Napalm....

I have recently written the above  'Nam rules for squad actions. They are designed for skirmish games (with LRRPS and Special Forces in mind) with a player having a squad of men .. any comments suggestions please would be gratefully received (good or bad).

They can be found at :


10th June 2000 Britannia Miniatures Vietnam Figures

Dave Howitt of Britannia has confirmed that their new range of 20mm figures will not be available for general release until late November 2000. However, although they will not be advertised for sale until December, Britannia are prepared to take private orders for the miniatures which they have produced to date (most of which have been reviewed here on ) and these can be placed by contacting Britannia directly.

More figures have recently been added to the range (and will also be reviewed here on ) including an excellent set of C&C helicopter figures, two more US squad leaders, a US infantryman running with M-16 and LAW and 3 VC with rifles. 


10th June 2000 Helicopter Model Decals

Britannia Miniatures are about to release a sheet of decals for use with 20mm Vietnam helicopter models. I am informed that these should be ready for June 2000 and will be available for sale as soon as they are ready at a cost of about £5.50.

The decals are for use with units of the 1st Cav Division (Airmobile) and cover the following; 227th AHC, 1/9th Cav, 2/20th ARA and 228th ASHB.

A further set of decals is planned which will present helicopter nose and body art as well as slogans etc.


10th June 2000 336th Assault Helicopter Company

'Warriors & Thunderbirds' - I am looking for a link to this helicopter unit which has proved very elusive to date, and would appreciate any information that can be supplied. Thanks.



Following the decision of Mike Sarno to pursue his own commercial interests in the realm of Vietnam Wargaming Rules, the Charlie Company List is to be moderated by RAFM, the owners of the Charlie Company rules set.

I was a member of the CCo List since its inception and found the list to be both lively and informative - including the odd flamewar - and this was mostly down to Mike Sarno and his contagious enthusiasm for the game. I would like to thank him for moderating the list so well. I only hope that RAFM, who are to take over the moderation of the list, will be able to promote it with the same enthusiasm and commitment.....


15th April 2000 New Set of Vietnam Wargames Rules?

Mike Sarno, formally the Charlie Company List Moderator has announced plans to produce a set of rules for Vietnam games which will enable players to recreate actions at various levels from platoon skirmish to battalion operations. Mike has created a new list to oversee the development of these rules which can be joined at at

15th April 2000 Vietnam vehicles in 15mmm and 20mm

I was under the mistaken impression that it was almost impossible to get M48 tanks for my games - at least in the UK. However, at Triples I was divested of this idea. Several suppliers had ranges of Vietnam vehicles on display which included not only the M48 but also a wide variety of other vehicles such as the Ontos, M41 Walker Bulldog and so forth. Suppliers included Liberation Miniatures, QRF and SHQ. You can also check out Peter Pig who were, disappointingly, not at Triples.

Also available were various US artillery pieces ideal for recreating attacks on FSB's. 


15th April 2000 NVA SAPPERS

Although I have mentioned Liberation Miniatures' NVA Sappers before, I thought it worthwhile doing so again since I finally got to see the actual figures themselves. These are well worth investing in if you are planning on recreating any type of Sapper attack against Allied and ARVN positions. This is a small infiltration team equipped with wire cutters, bangalore torpedos and a small ladder. I shall be painting a set of these and presenting them in a review shortly.



I would like to thank Rolf Hedges for taking the time to talk with me at Triples - nice to have met you Rolf. In particular I would like to draw attention to the excellent M113 Conversion Sets which Rolf supplies.

These sets take the JB Models basic M113 ACAV kit and simply by utilising different turrets in place of the commanders turret allow you to field variants. I saw a 'Zippo' M132 and an M113 with a Cadillac Gage (twin .30-cal or twin .50-cal) turret. For further details on how to contact Rolf see the entry for Liberation Miniatures on the Suppliers Page.


15th April 2000 QRF

Following hard on the heels of Peter Pig, Geoff Titchener of QRF has just released their own LVTP5A1. Geoff showed me the master at Triples and it looked very good. The model is to be produced in metal as a multipart kit and will retail at £5.50. Plans are afoot to release several variants.


1st April 2000 PETER PIG

Peter Pig have recently released an LVTP-5 to add to their ever increasing 'Men of Company B' figure range. The kit is resin and retails for £4.80 at the time of writing. Rumour has it that they plan to release a 'waterline' version to accompany it!



Britannia are busy working on another set of Vietnam miniatures which includes 3 more VC, this time armed with SMG's, a US Squad Leader, a US M79 Grenadier and a set of six downed helicopter crewmen. I hope to be able to review these miniatures soon and will post pictures of the painted figures to accompany the review.

Currently in the pipe line are another set of helicopter crews, although these are for C&C and Medevac helicopters.

With the emphasis on helicopters, Britannia are also looking into producing a set of waterslide transfers for the 1st Air Cav Division (Airmobile) and in particular the famous 1/9th Cav. Plans for these are still in their infancy and have yet to be confirmed.



I was recently contacted by John Embleton of SHQ who is sending me some samples from their new (remodelled?) Vietnam range. When I receive these I shall produce a review and pictures of the painted miniatures in the same manner as has already been done for Brittania Miniatures.


1st April 2000 PETE JONES & DUSTOFF

Pete recently contacted me with some sad news. He wrote,

"Unfortunately I am having to close the Dustoff site down very soon. This is because a lot of my time is being taken up my the freewargamesrules site and due to a change in personal circumstances. I just haven't got the time to update the site. It looks as though I'll only be able to do one more Dustoff magazine too - but we'll see.

I will still be hosting Where's Charlie, Several klicks in the Nam, Rat Six and Tet a Tet on the freewargamesrules site (you will not have to change your links)".

Pete also sent me a lot of the articles from Dustoff which would otherwise be lost and I shall, over time, be putting them on this site.



The Association reunion is to be held on 24th - 27th August 2000 at the Town & Country Resort, San Diego, CA. Further details are available from the Popasmoke web site. The last reunion, held at Pensacola, FL, was attended by over 2,000 members.



Having got fed up with trying to borrow one, I finally went out and purchased a digital camera! This now means that some of my long overdue projects concerning painting and modeling can now proceed and be accompanied by a fully illustrated step-by-step guide. Watch this space for more news on these topics.



My first project with the new DC was to take pictures of the Britannia models which I finished painting a couple of days age. These can now be viewed on the page where the review of the miniatures is situated. Excuse the quality of the pictures but these are my first attempts with the new DC.



For those of you who are interested in Vietnam Unit Patches, Allyn Hinton is able to provide an ever increasing range of USMC Squadron and Air Group Patches. As far as I am aware these are priced at $5 each and are made by the St. Louis Embroidery Co.



All of you from the Charlie Company mailing list who have shown an interest in joining Jonathan Wallers Brigade level email game may be interested to know that I shall be setting up a couple of pages containing maps of the AO and intelligence data. I will keep you informed as to when the material becomes available.


18th Mar 2000 More Links Pages

Following the tremendous response I have had to 'The Helicopter War' page of links (more added this upload), I have decided to adopt a suggestion sent to me by Jim Fitzpatrick and have now added similar pages for the US Army, 'The Grunts War' and the USMC, 'The Marines War'.

Anyone who knows of a US Army or USMC Unit Web Site which is not listed is invited to contact me with the URL for inclusion on these lists. I am hoping that they will grow as large and as inclusive as the page detailing Helicopter Units.



David Howitt of Britannia Miniatures was kind enough to send me some pre-production figures from their planned Vietnam range and I have written a brief review of the figures. Since I have already painted some of the figures I shall be trying to get pictures of the finished models as soon as possible.


4th Mar 2000 WAYNE A. GRANT, A Coy, 4/9th 'Manchus'

The brothers and sisters of Wayne, who was killed in action on or around 25th October '67 in the Ho Bo Woods, are seeking information from other Veterans who may have either known their brother or the circumstances of his death.

If you are able to help them in their search then please contact me and I will pass them your details.


4th Mar 2000 VIETNAM PBEM

Jonathan Waller is running an operational sized game which involves a Brigade of US troops, and a large  NVA/VC staging area and base camp. Slots are available for players on both sides. It can be played via email, or, for those in the UK, over the phone as well.

If anyone is interested, then contact Jonathan.


4th Mar 2000 QRF Move

Geoff contacted me to let me know that QRF has now moved to a new address, details of which can be found on the Suppliers page.


4th Mar 2000 New Vietnam Models from QRF

Recent new releases include the ONTOS and WEASEL as well as a range of recoilless rifles including the B-10 and B-11.

A Ford Mutt is also available in several variants, including HMG and dismountable 106mm M40 RCL versions.

Geoff Titchener is always welcoming suggestions from Vietnam gamers regarding new models for the range so if there is something you feel really should be available then contact him at and let him know.


4th Mar 2000 Dustoff

Pete Jones has just released Issue 13 of this excellent publication from the SOTCW Vietnam War Study Group. It is a bumper issue and runs to 34 pages. Included in the contents are articles on LRRPs/Rangers in Vietnam, the use of Dogs, the battle of An Loc, several rules sets and a scenario as well as other material. Pete has obviously put an incredible amount of work into this issue and the quality of Dustoff continues to improve and impress. Well done Pete.


19th Feb 2000 20th Special Operations Squadron

Greenhornet51 is looking for any information on this unit and in particular for a web site address. If you either served with, or know of, the 20th SOS then please contact me so that I can put you in touch.


19th Feb 2000 New 20mm Vietnam Range from Britannia Miniatures

Dave Howitt of Britannia Miniatures contacted me with the following information;

"We are currently in the 1st stage of designing a very comprehensive range for Vietnam in 20mm. The range will include vehicles, Riverine craft and probably about 200 + figures. We shall probably not be in production with this range until early next year [Salute, I think] but they will definitely NOT be on sale until next year due to our commitment in the WWII theatre....  

We are also currently working on a 1 : 1 set of rules for Vietnam. These will not be the normally accepted style of skirmish rules, but will be a slightly simplified version which will involve the small Squad or platoon style unit being involved in an escalating situation which in turn will allow further forces to be PILED ON ! To go with the Rules will be a set of Orginisational charts... "

Please note that Dave stressed the fact that this range and the rules are at the pre-production stage and that it was important to let people know that they will NOT be available until the time specified.

From my correspondence with Dave it looks as though a LOT of research is going into this project and I expect the results to clearly reflect this. 


5th Feb 2000 QRF Website

Geoff Titchener of QRF has informed me that they now have a website which can be found under their listing on the Suppliers Page. Thanks Geoff.


22nd Jan 2000 173rd Assault Helicopter Company

Melisa Collins is trying to find out more about her dad who passed away 11/9/93. His name was Dwight Allen Warmsley and he served 3 tours in Vietnam. His final tour was with the 173rd Assault Helicopter Company ('Robin Hoods' and 'Crossbows'). Melissa knows that in his last tour her dad flew as a door gunner on an aircraft called '69er duce' (?). Dwight's nickname was 'Lucky'.

If you can provide any information about Melissa's dad then please contact me and I will forward any information or contact address. Thanks.


22nd Jan 2000 Mike Sarno will be running three Scenarios at Cold Wars 2000 (10th - 12th March): Mai Vay, Ambush at Nhi Vinh and Misty Mountain Hop. Both Mai Vay and Misty Mountain Hop will be using the Charlie Company rules whilst Ambush at Nhi Vinh represents something of an innovation in that Mike will be using Ground Zero Games' Stargrunt II rules adapted for Vietnam.

More info can be found at


22nd Jan 2000 I have archived all items for June - November 1999 in order to save download time on this page.


8th Jan 2000 British Wargames Site

It has come to my attention that this site has had some problems and that attempts by visitors to rate the Grunt site have been foiled. This has now been remedied by re-registering Grunt. As a consequence, visitors can now Rate This Site without experiencing the earlier problems.


8th Jan 2000 New ONTOS from QRF

Geoff Titchener of QRF contacted me to advise of a change in telephone number (amended on the Suppliers page) as well as to inform me of the release of the Ontos in the US vehicle range. A complete price listing in MS Word format can be obtained from Geoff at

8th Jan 2000 Vietnam Books and Videos

Rolf Hedges of Liberation Miniatures has suggested that the following URL may yield a few surprises since it has an interesting series of books and videos available.

The shop itself is in Melbourne, Australia.


8th Jan 2000 21st Reconnaissance Aviation Company

Leroy Rutherford, formerly with 116th AHC ('Hornets') is looking for any web sites associated with RAC's and in particular, the 21st. Also, Leroy is looking for an old associate called Anderson from Mylter Beach, N.C.?

If you can help then please contact me.



An important change in relation to Agent Orange compensation has been circulated by the US Army & Air Force Mutual Aid Society. I have reproduced part of their communiqué as Service Connected Disability

This was sent to me by a Veteran who believes it to be of import to all Vietnam Vets since it exhibits a fundamental change in approach from the US Government and Department of Veterans Affairs towards all who served in RVN.


8th Jan 2000 MEMBERS OF HMM263 and HMM165

A former 1st Marine Airwing Group Veteran by the name of Farrell Udell (Santa Fe Vet Center) was shot down in 2 helicopters during 1969. He was with HMM263 and HMM165. He is needing the tail number and/or the ID numbers from his downed helicopters and is having a hard time getting close to finding out this information. If you know any information, or anyone to contact about this badly needed information, then please contact Karen B. at



Pete Fairchild, a Manchus Veteran, has informed me of the release of a book concerning 'Tropic Lightning'; 25th Infantry Division, Vietnam, 1965-1970

"a compilation of the various histories written by the Division during the Vietnam era, hundreds of photos and combat art, ..."

$44.95 ($83.95 Leather Edition) plus $6.00 shipping/handling 1st copy ($3.50 each add'l copy). Kentucky residents add 6 % sales tax.

Turner Publ. Co., PO Box 3101, Paducah, KY  42002-3101

Orders 1-800 788-3350, Fax (270) 443-0335, e-mail:

8th Jan 2000 162nd Assault Helicopter Company 'Vultures & Copperheads'

The link to this unit has been updated at the request of Clay Stowell who informs me that the site has been completely redesigned and is now under 'new management'...

Contact the Webmaster, Clay Stowell ('Vulture 21' Jan '68 - Dec '68),

8th Jan 2000 QRF 15mm Vietnam

David Manley wrote:

"I thought the GRUNT readership might like to know that I was talking to Chas Dowden of QRF and he was telling me that they have a whole stack of new 15mm Vietnam stuff coming. Definites include a revamp of their M113 range (including M163, flamethrower, TOW and mortar carriers, as well as both types of Aussie fire support vehicles) and an OH6"

Thanks David.


Chris Oliver plays Charlie Company and is looking for "... anyone in the NYC area that runs CCo on a regular basis who might be looking for another player..."

If you can help Chris then please drop me a line and I will pass it on to Chris.




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