Command Decision 3 - 'The Great Game' Scenario

'Nam and Body Bags

Submitted by David Makin

Introduction Situation Terrain US Forces ARVN Forces VC/NVA Forces

Command Decision 3

This is a battalion level game, emphasising Command and Control, troop Experience level and Morale. It works very well for battles of a Battalion to a Brigade per side... some people play Division(+) using these rules but IMHO they are not as well suited to that level as they should be (i.e. Logistics are only "basically" handled). Emphasis is on ground combat.. supported by Air/Sea rules. 

1 infantry stand (30mm x 30mm) =~ 1 platoon (~30-50 men)
Patrol stands and pure command stands =~15 men 
1 model = 4-6 vehicles/guns

While CD3 is at present concentrating on WW2, various devotees are looking at putting together a modern "supplement". 

This scenario doesn't need many non-standard CD3 rules.. the main one is availability of Air Support.. in CD3 such missions would need to be designated before the game starts.. I'll be allowing them to be designated during the game. F-4 delivered bombs/Napalm that miss will scatter (CD2 rule).. while the AH-1's rockets will not (CD3). IR/LI/thermal, advance fire control and stabilisation, ICM, ECM, ECCM, SAMs and Command detonated Mines etc etc are not a feature of this scenario.. they will have to be addressed in the supplement..


During the US involvement in Vietnam the best and the worst of the US military were shown in the harsh light of war..

One of the worst features was the pursuit of the "Great Game".. i.e. the process of receiving promotion in the US military.. to say that it encouraged short sighted, self-seeking and destructive behavior amongst many of the US Officer Corps could be argued as being an understatement.

In tonight's game you get to play the part of a low level officer.. your aim is to get promoted! 

The best way of getting promoted is for troops under your direct command to kill enemy troops. Each time troops under your direct command (i.e. ones that you have given an order to.. so either a line coy, or Artillery/Aircraft that via a "Call Fire" order issued by your command std) inflict a hit on enemy stands you get to collect that many "jelly baby" bodies from the "body bank". You will be given a small green bag to put the bodies in_ these will be tallied at the end and will go a long way to determining just how well you did in the Great Game. Please take only as many "bodies" as you are entitled to.. because if you take too many false information on the progress of pacification will be passed to higher HQ... and you are meant to be an "Officer and a Gentleman". 

Of course it helps your career if you don't get killed along the way... either by the enemy (Purple Heart) or by your own side (Friendly Fire and Fragging)...

Purple Heart:
While a minor wound from combat will get you a medal and increase your chance of promotion, being crippled or dead is not a very good career idea. Try to avoid losing your command stand, if you do you are out of the Great Game.

Friendly Fire:
Sometimes known as an "own goal".. it happens in all conflict.. try not have it happen to you or your troops, and if your orders have it happen to some-one else ensure that no blame can be attached to you..

This is what happens to officers that are very unpopular with their troops (and fellow officers?), like Friendly Fire it's a fact of life in combat.. it was just seemed to be popular in `Nam.. The best way to avoid this is for your troops under your direct command not to take hits... In the morale phase the number of hits this turn on stands in your direct command (apart from hits on your own std) is the number (or less) that you *don't* want to roll equal to or less. The dice roll is modified -1 if Green/Trained troops, +1 if Veteran/Elite troops. If you fail this roll then you are out of the Great Game.

Players will each get a "kit".. one of each order chit, 1d10, 1 green "body bag", 1 ruler, 1 small pad for writing "Call Fire" requests (i.e. they must put down a call fire counter *and* write a request). TO&E, Data and Quick Reference charts.


The Situation:

In the province of Bunh Fuet the local force Viet Cong ("VC" / "Charlie") has been taking a beating by the US task force in the area (and in fairness by the ARVN units as well..).. Intel indicates that there is less than a Company's worth left.. and these have been avoiding contact. If you are to get ahead in the Great Game then you could do no better than burying these. A morning rocket attack against the village of Phut Yoi has stirred the collective "Free World Forces" in the area, these being...

1 US TF HQ: (105mm Artillery Battalion in DS, 155mm Artillery Battalion in GS, elements USAF in GS) 
1 ARVN Infantry Battalion (in and near Phut Yoi, 1 Company Ready Reaction Force) 
1 US Air Cavalry Troop (Ready Reaction Force) 
1 US Armoured Cavalry Troop (Ready Reaction Force) 
2 US Infantry Companies (Mechanised, Ready Reaction Force)



The table is 10' x 6' 
Open areas (rare) are just that.. 
The sunken areas are paddy fields.. treat as scrub and heavy mud. 
Jungle areas (treat as forest) are those with trees and lichen. 
Open Jungle (treat as woods) are those just with trees. 
Rubber Plantation (treat as open woods) are trees in rows. 
All streams are steep banked, fordable by vehicles only at indicated positions and then treat as heavy mud for miring. 
All buildings are as presented.. you will note that many of these are stone.. this is intentional. 


The Players:

 #1 Task Force Commander: 
Experience Morale 9.

All units are under your command_ but to get "bodies" you will have had to issued orders to the "killing" unit this turn. If you place your order on a coy it will over-ride the owning players order. All "Call Fire" orders (for Artillery and Aircraft) will be given to you on slips of paper, *before* you issue your orders. {The exception to this is Battalion Mortars and coy Weapon stands}.

TF US Artillery (in range):

US Airforce Assets:

You will be told the aircraft and their ordnance load available for the next turn. Since these will be flying GS missions you will need to give them a North/East coordinate or obvious target point: e.g. 57" North; 32" East, or Phut Yoi village.. *not* "the Jungle"_ 

#2 US Air Cavalry Troop (Ready Reaction Force):
Regular Morale 8.

#3 US Armoured Cavalry Troop (Ready Reaction Force):
Experienced Morale 8.

#4 US Infantry "A" Company (Mechanised) (Ready Reaction Force):
Regular Morale 8.

#5 US Infantry "B" Company (Mechanised) (Ready Reaction Force):
Regular Morale 8.


#6 ARVN Battalion Commander: 
Trained Morale 7.

Your forces are in the Fire Base near Phut Yoi, except the Ready Reaction force that can be anywhere on table. While this unit is subordinate to you, you only get it's "Kills" when it is operating under an order issued by you. While you are playing the "normal" Great Game you also have additional responsibilities that will effect your chances of promotion. These being: Security of Phut Yoi; you need to prevent damage to the village, and ensure that the VC does not enter it and Security of the Fire Base; you need to ensure that it isn't effectively attacked.

The US TF commander has been treating you with more than the usual contempt, patronising you and insulting the achievements of your subordinates. Since any "call fire" from you or your subordinate must go through the US TF HQ you can be sure that it will have the lowest priority and will just "prove" how dependant you and your country is on these arrogant foreigners.

#7 ARVN Infantry Coy (Ready Reaction Force):
Regular Morale 7.

The Ready Reaction force will be deployed by player #2 (ARVN Battalion Commander) anywhere on table. The Battalions 81mm Mortar is available for your use. Any "Call Fire" on US assets must go first to your Battalion commander.



Viet Cong Forces:

Controlled by the referee.. all will be revealed after the battle...



Stats for the: 
Sheridan Tank... what should the 152mm Cannister stats look like? I.e. what Range Bands and HE effect/area. 
AH-1: IMHO 0/0 armour, mini gun stats?, rocket pod stats? 
OH-1 and UH-1: Soft? no weapons in this scenario. 
F-4 ordinance load? Bombs? Strafe? Napalm?

After Action Report

5th VC Division TO&E Australian Infantry Battalion





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