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Main Force Viet Cong Review

Rolf Hedges of Liberation Miniatures gave me these figures at the 2000 Triples for review. My apologies to Rolf for taking so long getting round to painting them.

The figures themselves are in 20mm scale. One thing that is appreciated straight away is that no two figures are the same. In the bag that Rolf gave to me there were eight assorted figures and each in a different pose. Figures are represented both standing and kneeling, advancing and firing and with an assortment of uniform - some in shorts.

First group of four figures (front)

First group of four figures (back)

Group One Front & Back

All figures are from the 'Viet Minh' range and although armed with French Mas-36 rifles, they can easily pass for SKS carbines and this would, if used as Main Force VC, place them quite early in the War although I see no problem in using them for any period of the conflict. Alternatively they could be utilised as Regional Force VC.

Figure One Figure Two

Web gear and accoutrements are pretty much standardised throughout the group, with each figure having a single canteen and a carrying bag of some description. One or two of the figures also have assorted ammo pouches and one figure carries a bed roll (slung).

Figure Three Figure Four

All figures are helmeted and all the helmets have sculpted camouflage, this is a particularly good touch which I appreciated.

Second group of four figures (front)
Second group of four figures (back)

Group Two Front & Back

The poses which Rolf has cast are also varied and interesting. The figures are well proportioned and their movements are both natural and fluid. Looking at the figures as a group they strike me as well balanced and complimentary.

Figure Five Figure Six

The figures are cleanly cast, requiring a minimum of preparation. Most of the detail is in reasonably good relief although facial detail was not as great as it might have been and I had to rely on deep washes in order to bring this detail out. Similarly, hands are a bit flat and again, use of ink washes was necessary to lift the relief.

Figure Seven Figure Eight

In contrast, the accoutrements are well detailed and easy to paint. Uniforms are well sculpted as are the weapons which are quite sturdy with no 'bent barrels'!

Overall I thought these figures were extremely good. They certainly look the part and would make an excellent nucleus for a Main Force or Regional Force VC unit.

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Figures supplied by Liberation Miniatures, painted and photographed by Mike R 2000



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