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The MEMBERS AREA is a password protected area of the Grunt! website and will initially only be accessible to those who have purchased the Grunt! CD.  Access to the Members Area permits viewing of unique additional articles and research materials that will not be made available to the general public. A FREE 12-month membership to the Members Area is currently being given to those who purchase the CD However, this offer will only remain free for a limited period and will be withdrawn at the end of January, 2002. Membership will be valid from the date of purchase until the last day of the twelfth month following purchase; for example, if you purchase in November 2001, your membership will be valid until 30th November 2002.

This page is purely for informational purposes only and details those articles that have already been placed in the Members Area as well as those that are in the pipeline for future incorporation. The Members Area will be regularly updated with new articles and features in the same manner as the public area of Grunt! Documents that I have used in my research for articles throughout the Grunt! website will also be made available for downloading in the Members Area so that members can add to their own libraries of documents. Some of the features of the members Area are listed below;

Special Feature Articles
Book Reviews
Figure and Model Reviews, painting, and terrain building 
Vietnam wargaming Scenarios
On-line books

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The following articles are currently available for viewing in the members Area. This list will be added to each month, just like the public area of Grunt!

US Aero-Rifle Platoon - incorporating the platoon in to your Vietnam Crossfire forces for use with the Incoming! rules.
81mm Mortar Fire Procedures - when the Grunts were hard pressed they could always call on the company mortars.
US 81mm Mortar - detailed information concerning the US 81mm mortar M29.
Life and the Quart of Ice Cream - recollections of a 1/4 Cav Trooper, submitted by John Sandri.
Attitude is Everything, Almost - recollections of a 1/4 Cav Trooper, submitted by John Sandri.
PPSh-41 - Detailed information concerning the Soviet 7.62mm PPSh-41 (Chicom Type 50, NVA/VC K50M) Submachine Gun
Vietnam: Tankers War? - Article by Lieutenant Colonel Jim Walker Ret. (also available for download as Adobe PDF)
Ambush Detection - Article by Brigadier-General Robert H. Williams, USMC, Ret. and Marcel Vigneras (also available for download as original PDF) 
Riverine Operations 1966-1969 Chapter 1: Background - from the Vietnam Studies series (also available for download as Adobe PDF)
Riverine Operations 1966-1969 Chapter 2: The Concept of a Riverine Force - from the Vietnam Studies series (also available for download as Adobe PDF)

The Vietnam Studies series will be produced chapter-by-chapter on a monthly basis. This is a particularly important and interesting series of monographs concerning US operations in RVN and well worth having in your collection of Vietnam War documents.


The Members Area will contain numerous reviews of figures, models and books etc. The format of the reviews is the same as already seen on Grunt! except that these reviews will not be available for public viewing. The following reviews are currently available for viewing in the Members Area; 

Britannia Miniatures - US 66mm LAW Team
Britannia Miniatures - VC RPG Team
Britannia Miniatures - VC 60mm Mortar Team
TimeCast Historic Buildings - Sandbagged US Army Barracks
Peter Pig - US M48A3
Peter Pig - US M113 ACAV
Liberation Miniatures - Main Force Viet Cong
Liberation Miniatures - NVA Sapper Team

This list will be added to on a regular basis. I am hoping to establish a broader base of manufacturers represented in the reviews but this is very much dependent upon the manufacturers themselves submitting products for review. If you are a manufacturer and would like to see your products reviewed on this site then please contact me


Most of the research material that I possess and which has been used for past articles is going to be made available to members for download in various formats - the primary format is going to be Adobe PDF. As I produce articles in the future I intend to make the research documents used in the article also available. In many instances there is considerable duplication between what appears on the pages of Grunt! and what appears in the documents. This is because the document has been reproduced from the original in HTML for the website. Nonetheless, the documents are well worth having in the original. 

Vietnam: Tankers War? - available for download in original Adobe PDF (506K)
Ambush Detection - available for download in original Adobe PDF (499K)
Vietnam Studies: Riverine Operations 1966-1969, Chapter 1: Background - available for download as Adobe PDF (456K)
Vietnam Studies: Riverine Operations 1966-1969, Chapter 2: The Concept of a Riverine Force - available for download as Adobe PDF (694K)

Most of the downloads will be quite large in terms of file size and will take some time to download unless you have a fast connection. File size will be known in advance and, as above, will be detailed alongside the document. 

 In the Pipeline  

The following material is currently in the process of being produced for future inclusion in the Members Area. I am unable to put a timescale on this work and the list should be taken as a guideline although all the projects on it will appear eventually. generally speaking, the top three or four items are what will appear at the next update of the Members Area.

Book Review: The Easter Offensive - Col. G.H. Turley USMC (Ret.)
Wargaming Terrain: US DePuy Bunker - building US bunkers for perimeter defense in your Vietnam Crossfire games using the Incoming! rules. 
Vietnam Studies: Riverine Operations 1966-1969, Chapter 3 'Riverine Preparations in the United States and Vietnam' (also available for download)
US 60mm Mortar M19 - detailed information concerning the US M19 60mm Mortar

The list is not exhaustive and, as many of you who have visited Grunt regularly will know, I quite often add material without it even being on the list so, as mentioned, please take this only as a guideline.

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