US Army in Vietnam - the observations of a Grunt in the 1st Infantry Division

Recollections of a Veteran

'Delta Mike 2' is a Veteran who served two tours in RVN. His first tour was as a grunt with the 1st Infantry Division, 'The Big Red One'. His second as an MP in the 716th MP Battalion in Saigon and the Delta. I have been corresponding with him for a while and after giving the idea much thought, he has agreed to allow me to publish his writing on GRUNT! and I am much indebted. These are his thoughts, memories and observations about the War - presented  from his own personal  perspective. Please respect them for what they are. 'Delta Mike 2' wishes to maintain his anonymity, and in respect of that I have referred to him by using part of his RVN radio call sign and have deliberately edited some of the passages which could be used to identify him. Please respect his privacy. If you have any comments about the contents of these passages then please contact me by email.

All material presented in the pages of this index is Copyright (1999) of 'Delta Mike 2' and and may not be copied, stored or distributed without the express permission of the author. Please respect the ownership of these memories. Thanks.


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Delta Mike 2
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