The Best Laid Plans.... a random events table for use with Barrie Lovell's Crossfire adaptations for Vietnam, Incoming!

Random Events Chart for use with Incoming!
Submitted by Keith Jordan

During a game, the Communist players are given a number of chits (about 2 per Allied player?). At any point in the Allied player's initiative, the Communist player can 'spend' a chit to cause a Random Event check. Before rolling to determine the event, the Communist player must indicate which squad will be affected. The Allied player then rolls 3 dice, one colored differently from the other two. The first column of the table is the result on the colored die. The next column is the sum of the other two dice. Events printed in red can occur to a unit in combat. All others are ignored by a unit in combat.


Coloured Dice Other Dice EVENT  EFFECT
1-2 2-4 Civilian w/intel Ask the VC/NVA player 1 yes or no question. The VC/NVA player should answer truthfully.
  5 Cola Girl A squad has just discovered a roadside stand selling cold soda (or something else). They decide to stop and have a cold one. If the nearest civilian group is VC aligned, some of that ice could be crushed glass. The squad must roll 4-6 w/1d6 to start moving again. Initiative is lost if the roll fails.
  6 Unhappy Mamma-San A very unhappy Mamma-San has approached the squad and is animatedly telling them what she thinks of them trampling her garden. If the squad rolls a 1 on 1d6, winning hearts and minds is totally forgotten and the squad fires at her (not necessarily to kill). Initiative is lost if they "miss".
  7 Kids A group of children asking for cigarettes and candy has approached the squad. Being the kind hearted GI's that they are, they try to help. The squad must roll 4-6 w/1d6 to move again. Initiative is lost if the roll fails. 
  8 Kids throwing rocks A nasty group of children has decided to pummel a passing squad with rocks. If a 1 is rolled on 1d6, winning hearts and minds is totally forgotten and the squad fires (not necessarily to kill). Initiative is lost if they "miss".
  9 Potential VC A suspicious group of civilians is nearby. The unit must move into contact with the nearest group of civilians. The group is spotted whether they were spotted previously or not. Roll 1d6. On a 1-2 result, the squad has spotted the closest VC unit, which is disguised as VC. Otherwise, the civilians are non-combatants.
  10-11 Dope dealer A local dealer is trying to sell his wares to the squad. The squad must roll 2-6 w/1d6 to start moving again. Initiative is lost if the roll fails.
  12 Kid w/grenade A civilian has approached and is hiding a small object. Roll 1d6. On a 1-4 result, it is a civilian who will conduct reactive fire with a grenade (3d6). On a 5-6 result, an alert squad member sees what is going on and opens up. Conduct as normal fire or reactive fire.
3 2-4 SHORT ROUND! An artillery shell is falling off course. Take a 2" x 2" piece of paper, hold it above the center of the table at shoulder height and drop it. Any unit inside a terrain feature that the paper is touching is attacked using the "Guns 85mm+" indirect fire row.
  5-6 Paddy Daddy w/rifle A local farmer with an old, rusty rifle has decided to do his part for Uncle Ho. He acts as a sniper and attacks with 1d6 and then leaves.
  7 Boobytrap The squad has found one of Charlie's little presents. Roll 1d6. On a 1-2 result, it is a punji pit - use 2 attack dice. A suppress result indicates one soldier with a foot wound that requires a medevac (call a medevac, but don't remove the fire team stand). On a 3-4 result, it is a grenade in a can - use 3 attack dice. On a roll of 5, it is a large explosive shell- use 4 dice. On a roll of 6, a soldier heard the "click" of the arming mechanism and froze. The team is automatically pinned. During the next initiative, the trap is disarmed on a roll of 4-6, otherwise, it explodes (4d6). The initiative is lost in all cases.
  8 Evidence of enemy  Some evidence that would indicate the general direction of the enemy or of the allegiance of a VC ville has been found (sharpened bamboo stakes, tires being cut into sandals, a trail, smoke, footprints, etc.).
  9 Broken arrow call A unit somewhere nearby is in danger of being overrun. All available support is re-directed to them. No artillery or air support is available for the remainder of the game.
  10 Chopper down A chopper (or jet, or dusty, or bird dog) from another action nearby has taken damage and is going down here. Hold a 2"x2" piece of paper at shoulder height over the center of the table and drop it. That is where the chopper has landed.
  11-12 VC war crime A unit has just found a murdered civilian or Allied POW. The body has been horribly mutilated. The body will have to be removed. Treat as a medevac. The initiative is not lost.
4 2-5 Rain Air support is no longer available. LOS is reduced to 2 stand widths. The rain stops at the start of an initiative if the player can roll a 5-6.
  6 Scorpion bite Some cherry just got a scorpion bite. It's not fatal, but the medic will have to tend to him. The unit can't move. The initiative is lost.
  7 Animal A dog, water buffalo, goose, etc., has just attacked the squad. The squad can run away and avoid the beast and lose the initiative, or fire on it and anger the peasant that owns it (see "Unhappy Mamma-San" result 1-2,6). The attacking animal is a nuisance, but will not cause serious casualties.
  8 Leeches The squad nearest a body of water just found a nest of leeches. Get out the bug juice. The squad can't move. The initiative is lost.
  9 Snake bite Somebody just got bitten by a two-step. Probably not really fatal, but a medevac must be called. The initiative is lost.
  10-12 Heat stroke Some cherry, not used to the heat, tried to carry too much. He's going to need medical attention. Call the medevac. The initiative is lost.
5-6 2 Lose initiative Lose the initiative just because. Allied players should be in a state of constant frustration anyway.
  3 Racial problems Some redneck just mouthed off to one of the brothers. The LT will have to sort this one out. The PC must move into contact during the next initiative. The initiative is lost.
  4 Team lost A couple of cherries got separated from the platoon, and the squad has to go back and find them. The squad must go back to the last terrain feature it exited. Lose the initiative.
  5 Psycho One of your troops (who was never really that stable to begin with) will fire at the nearest group of civilians. If the nearest group was previously hidden, it is now exposed. If this team has any contact with civilians again, roll 1d6. On a 1-3 result, this team fires on them.
  6 Radio malfunction Batteries? Antenna? Dead spot? The radio is fixed with a roll of 3-6. If it is not fixed, the unit must maintain LOS with the PCG at all times.
  7 Spooked Walking point can be very hard on the nerves. The squad was spooked by some movement in the brush. It must conduct a recon by fire.
  8 Short timer The team has a guy that has a few days and a wake-up before catching the freedom bird. He's not going to risk himself unnecessarily. The team will not knowingly enter close combat for the remainder of the game. The team gets a 1 modifier to morale checks.
  9 Point man The point man for the squad does an exceptional job. Subtract 1 from the next "Point Man Saving Roll". 
  10 Reporter The Brass have allowed a reporter to come and observe the action. The platoon must secure an LZ and wait for him. Unfortunately, he is not exactly unbiased - he is determined to expose the "baby killers". Triple point losses for civilian casualties. The VC player gets +5 points for destroying an AFV or aircraft. No, you cannot shoot the reporter. The initiative is lost, and the reporter will arrive at the start of the next initiative.
  11 Incentives Roll 1d6. On a 1-2 result, the Communist soldiers have been promised leaves (and a medal) if they can bring down a helicopter. All Communist soldiers will now fire at any aircraft in LOS before firing at anything else. On a roll of 3-6, some REMF has contacted the US platoon and will give money or leaves if they can get him some souvenirs before he goes home. The squads will now move toward the nearest ville or temple to look for souvenirs. They may return to normal movement if fired on, or after the ville has been searched.
  12 John Wayne A soldier has gone berserk. During your initiative, at any point at which the team is fired on, ignore all fire results except a kill, and then charge the unit that fired. Adverse morale results are ignored until the unit has closed with the attacker and resolved the close combat.



The point Man Saving Roll is NOT a random event but should be used whenever an ambush is triggered against Allied forces during the course of the game.

The Point Man Saving roll is conducted immediately before any ambush fire is calculated.

1-3 Walked right into it Conduct ambush normally.
4-5 Spoiled it. Point sees the ambush and opens up before the attackers are ready. Attacking unit may fire at half effect.
6 Zapped the point. The attackers open up too soon. Attacking unit may 
fire on point stand only.



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