Reviews of books, wargaming rules, models and figures associated with the Vietnam War


All of the reviews presented are purely subjective and represent the personal opinions of their respective authors. I appreciate that 'one man's meat is another man's poison' so that if you disagree the opinions expressed that is OK. However, if you do disagree with any of the reviews presented then I would like to hear YOUR opinion of the same material, so contact me and let me know.

With regard to wargaming rules, I know that there are only a relatively small number of these relating specifically to the Vietnam War. In fact, I would like to hear from people who know of other rules sets which are not listed here. Please, if you are using a set of rules which play well, let me know by submitting a review. By the same token, if you are not happy with a set I would also like to know.

If you would like to write a review yourself for submission tothen please feel free. In fact I would very much like to hear what people think of the books, rules and figures which they have either read or used irrespective of whether the review is positive or negative. All contributions are appreciated and, naturally, you will be credited with the review.

Books and Rules

When submitting a book or rules review please please also supply me with the following details;

  • Authors Name
  • Publisher and date of publication
  • ISBN Number (if applicable)
  • Supplier (where possible)
  • Picture of book cover in JPEG or GIF format (if possible) 

I would ask that in order to do the subject justice your review should be at least 100 words long, preferably longer, but this is not a mandatory requirement. If you want to write a simple sentence about a book then that is fine.

Figure Reviews

When submitting a figure or model review please also supply me with the following details;

  • Manufacturer
  • Figure Code or Catalogue Number
  • Scale of Figure
  • Photographs (if possible)

does however reserve the right to edit any material which you submit. If you wish for your submission to be copyright then please let me know so that I can put notice of that alongside your submission.

I have not distinguished between fiction and non-fiction in the book reviews.



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