Tactics used by allied, North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong during the course of the Vietnam War.

Allied and NVA/VC Tactics

Allied and North Vietnamese / Viet Cong doctrine showed marked and significant differences in the approaches taken by either side when faced with decisions regarding unit tactics on the battlefield. This section of will be used to examine the tactical doctrine of the various combatants in relation to many different areas and highlight those differences which are glaringly apparent as well as those which were far more subtle but nonetheless present. No attempt is made to determine which, if any, can be considered as 'best' or 'correct'.


Fire Support Coordination An in-depth examination of the complex fire support coordination procedures as practised in Vietnam, including artillery, helicopter, Tac Air and naval gunfire support.


Defending Installations An examination of lessons learned and their application to the defence of static US installations against Viet Cong mortar and recoilless rifle attacks.


NVA Bunkers A look at the construction techniques of the NVA and the effectiveness of weapons systems employed against them.


Ambush Operations Introduction to US doctrine regarding ambushes, including pages on the various types of ambushes used (from hamlet to waterway) as well as a selection of schematics detailing US formations adopted in ambushes.


Eagle Flight Introduction to Eagle Flight Operations and Missions, including schematics detailing flight formations and assault landings as well as an actual operational summary.


VC Tunnel Complexes An examination of the techniques developed and adopted by US forces in combating VC tunnel systems.


Village Search Operations Methods adopted by US forces in isolating and searching villages and hamlets suspected of harboring VC or VC sympathisers


Countering Ambushes Techniques used to avoid being ambushed by NVA and VC including trail security and Company movement.


Friendly Fire Incidents Whilst not strictly a subject detailing tactics used this article nonetheless highlights the dangers of poor tactical decisions when employing supporting fires.


Countering Standoff Attacks This article examines the various strategies adopted by the US and Allies in countering the increasing threat of NVA standoff attacks against friendly installations



Ambush Operations Introduction to NVA and VC Ambush tactics, from simple and small scale to fully fledged five-element maneuvering ambushes.


Offensive Operations Overview of NVA/VC offensive operations


Defensive Operations Overview of NVA/VC defensive operations


Booby Traps Employment and effect of widespread use of booby traps


NVA Sappers Development of the NVA Sapper Corps examines training, organisation and tactics


Power Raids How the NVA/VC conducted their lightening fast attacks on allied bases and defensive installations.


Hill Trap Maneuvers In 1966 the NVA started to develop a form of maneuver designed to annihilate US forces in 'special' killing zones.


Standoff Attacks As the war progressed, the NVA made increasing use of standoff weapons to attack US installations in 'hit and run' operations utilising rockets, recoilless rifles and mortars.



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