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The following pages represent a complete collection of each and every USMC helicopter Squadron and Air Group that was in Vietnam. It should be noted however that since many of these units were in Vietnam for a considerable time, some of them had more than one patch design (for example, VMO-2 had at least four different patch designs during their time in country).

H&MS-16 HMA-369 HMH-361
H&MS - 16


HMA - 369 HMH - 361
heavy Haulers (HMH-462) HMH - 463 HML - 167
HMH - 462
'Heavy Haulers'
HMH - 463 HML - 167
HML - 367


HMM - 161 HMM - 163
'Ridge Runners'
HMM - 164
'Flying Death'
HMM - 165
'White Knights'
HMM - 261
'Raging Bulls'
HMM - 262
'Flying Tigers'
HMM -263 HMM - 361

These patches were scanned from the originals which Allyn sent to me. I intend to mount them on a green beige background in a display frame and mount them on my wall. Thanks Allyn. All the patches are embroidered to a very high standard by the St. Louis Embroidery Company. The images displayed here are about 1/4 actual size. At the time of writing (March 2000) the patches were priced at $5 each (including p&p) and can be ordered from Allyn Hinton, USMC Pilot, HML-167, 1969-1970.


Allyn can be emailed at or you can visit the relevant pages at

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