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The writers of the articles that can be accessed from this page are all Vietnam Veterans. The contents of the articles represent their own personal recollections and memories. All of the material belongs to them and is copyright of the respective authors and may not be reproduced without their express consent. Please observe their rights over their own writing, particularly when the memories expressed have been earned at such a cost.

  • DELTA MIKE 2 - an extensive series of articles from a two-tour veteran of the 1st Infantry Division, the Big Red One. DM2 was the first veteran to contact me and I am indebted to him for the initial trust that he placed in me. DM2 has submitted so many articles that they are indexed on a separate page.
    • DM2 Index - a list of all the articles submitted by DM2
  • JOHN SANDRI - a veteran of 1/4th Cavalry, the divisional armored cavalry squadron of the 1st Infantry Division, John served two tours in RVN.
    • Part 1 - general introduction; M48 and M551; 1/4 Cav Platoon organisation, armaments, ammo, formations and crews.
    • Part 2 - operations; the M48; NDPs and Laagers; Xa Cat Ambush.
    • Part 3 - Rome Plows; Thunder Road; jungle busting and maintenance.
    • Conflicting Agendas - a 'war story' that touches upon the decline of morale in 1969.
    • Attitude is Everything - the different mental approaches adopted in an attempt simply to get through. This article is available only in the Members Area.
    • Life and the Quart of Ice Cream - an account of a mounted night ambush and the 'reward' for a job well done. This article is available only in the Members Area.
  • CHARLES LEE - a veteran of the 159th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion, 101st Airborne Division, Charles served one tour.
    • The 159th ASHB - initial formation and organisation of the battalion; aircraft maintenance, armament, loads and fuel/flight time; artillery insertions.
    • Battalion Headquarters - composition of the Battalion HQ Company, Phu Bai.
  • CURT SCHEIBEL - a veteran of the 243rd Assault Support Helicopter Company 'Freight Train', Curt served an 18-month tour.
    • 243rd ASHC - general background concerning the company and information relating to the operations of the Chinook.
  • MICHAEL D. STEWART - a veteran of 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, in Viet Nam from Aug/Sept. '66 to late Nov. '67 and was attached primarily to "Mike" Company.
    • USMC 81mm Mortar Section - a detailed account of how the mortar section was organised and how it operated in the field.
  • MICHAEL POMAKIS - a veteran of 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, in Viet Nam from '66 to '67.

To each and every one of these Veterans, thank you gentlemen for your help and for your frankness.
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I would like to offer my sincere thanks to each of the veterans who have submitted material to the Grunt! website and welcome submissions from other veterans. Please note that all submissions are treated in the strictest confidence and that no material is presented on this website until after it has been approved by the original author. Veterans who would like to submit material but would first like to check out my policies can be put in touch with any of the above veterans for verification of my approach to your material. If you do have a submission then please contact me to discuss it. Thanks. 



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