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As interest in the events of Vietnam continues to grow, the War itself is now becoming an increasingly popular period for wargaming. Both figure manufacturers and rules writers alike are busy producing new product and in this section I have tried to present articles aimed at catering for this particular aspect of the wargaming hobby. Here you will find rules and figure reviews, scenarios, modeling projects and a host of other material directly related to wargaming Vietnam. As always, contributions are invited and welcomed.

Armoured Cavalry on the move - from the collection of Barrie Lovell


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A whole series of articles detailing how I set about collecting, painting and basing forces suitable for use with Barrie Lovell's Incoming! rules. The articles follow the progress of building both a US and an NVA Rifle Company as well as additional units for incorporating in your games.

  • Incoming! - A comprehensive set of Vietnam rules amendments for use with the Crossfire system, submitted by Barrie Lovell and around which all the Vietnam Crossfire articles are written..
  • Forces for Crossfire
    • Introduction: why play Vietnam Crossfire; choice of figure-types required; choice of manufacturers and scale
    • Force Composition: deciding which figures to use and in what numbers; organisation of NVA and US Rifle Company's
    • Figure Bases: how to make the bases for your figures
    • Figure Bases Tip: Barrie Lovell's tips for producing 'ready made grass' for the figure bases
    • 1st US Infantry Platoon: collecting, organising and painting the US infantry figures forming the basic Rifle Platoon
    • US 66mm LAW Teams: adding the LAW stands to your US Rifle Squads
    • 2nd US Platoon: building the Company with the addition of the 2nd US Platoon
    • US Company HQ: adding the Command and Control element of the US Company; Medic; Artillery Forward Observer; benefits of HQ stands
    • US Weapons Platoon Mortar Section: adding the Company 81mm mortars and Forward Observer
    • US Divisional Armored Cavalry Platoon: adding the mobility and serious firepower of an Armored Cavalry Platoon including organisation and rules for incorporating the platoon in your games
    • UH-1 Slick: adding some airmobile capability to your collection; full review and painting directions for the Revell kit and how to incorporate it into your games
    • UH-1 Gunship - adding US helicopter firepower to your collection
    • AH-1G - adding the 'Snake' to your collection
    • LVTP-5 - adding the USMC amphibious tractor to your collection, an article submitted by Barrie Lovell
    • 1st NVA Rifle Platoon: collecting, organising and painting the NVA infantry figures forming the basic Rifle Platoon, including the RPG stands
    • NVA Company Combat Support Platoon: adding the firepower of the NVA Company Combat Support Platoon; organisation and painting; ways of incorporating and using the heavy weapons (Mortar, HMG and Recoilless Rifle)
    • NVA Company HQ and Recon Squad: adding the NVA Company HQ and the Company Recon Squad
  • South Vietnamese Marine Corps - wargaming with the South Vietnamese Marines, an article submitted by Barrie Lovell
  • The Fight for National Route 1 - a Vietnamese Marine Corps Company (Company B, 9th Marine Battalion) attempts to hold up the advancing NVA armour outside Quang Tri City during the NVA Easter Offensive of 1972. Submitted by Barrie Lovell.
  • The Best Laid Plans... - A random events chart for use with Incoming! This chart was submitted by Keith Jordan of Fort Worth, Texas and can be adapted for other rules systems.
  • NVA/VC Bunker - a scratch built camouflaged bunker designed for use with Incoming! and includes rules concerning the use of bunkers (as well as how to attack them) in the game
  • Introduction to Desperate Land - Michael Sarno, the author of Desperate Land, provides an introduction to his soon to be released Vietnam Rules system
  • Figure Reviews - Reviews of figures supplied by various figures manufacturers, including photographs of the finished models as painted by myself.
  • Rules Reviews - Reviews of the various Vietnam war games rules available
  • Book Reviews - Reviews of Vietnam books written by me or submitted by other visitors to Grunt!
  • Scenarios - Scenarios submitted by visitors to GRUNT!
  • Suppliers - List of suppliers for Vietnam figures and models
  • Rapid Fire - Organising your forces for use with the 'Rapid Fire' wargaming rules, courtesy of Rolf Hedges
  • AMTRACS - Pictures of 1:35th and 1:72nd Scale AMTRACS from the Modelers Interest Group (Vietnam War) based in the Netherlands.
  • Shop Front - an article on how to model a South Vietnamese urban shop front as found in the Cities of the South, submitted by Barrie Lovell
  • NVA/VC Bunker - a scratch built camouflaged bunker which, although designed for use with Incoming!, can also be used with larger scales.
  • Battleground - rules variants from James Morrison that enable this system to be used for Vietnam games
  • Platoon - a set of squad level skirmish rules submitted by Julian Davies. These rules have been developed from the Avalon Hill game of the same name. Includes an example scenario, 'Night Ambush'
  • Booby Traps - incorporating rules for booby traps into games set in the boonies or in the villes

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