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Since it's initial conception as a small web site intended to present aspects of Vietnam wargaming, the GRUNT! site has grown well beyond any of my original expectations and now encompasses many areas of interest pertaining to the Vietnam War.

This site adopts no political or moral stance regarding what took place in Vietnam; I make no judgements, apportion no blame and offer no excuses. Hopefully, what I do present is the opportunity for you, the visitor, to gain some insights into the way things were or, at least, the way things were seen to be, and offer the sage advice that these two were rarely, if ever, the same thing.
 News or "'Is this the end of Grunt! as we know it?"

End of FREE Membership - the Members Only Area of the Grunt! site is now beginning to take shape with the addition of more material as well as the transfer of some original material from the public area. Membership has been available only to those who have purchased the Grunt! CD and this membership has been offered free. This offer is being withdrawn at the end of January, 2002. As of February 2002, I plan to run the Members Area on an annual subscription basis and will be putting the main effort of my research and time into that area of the website. Material will still, on occasion, be added to the public area of Grunt! but not with the same regularity and not in the same quantity as has been the case over the last three years.

 Grunt! on CD

The Grunt! CD contains the last complete image of the Grunt! website (November, 2001) prior to the addition of the Members Area. As such, it includes all material that has been, or will be, transferred to the Members Area. It is my intention to move a reasonable quantity of material to the Members Area and take it out of the public domain. Purchase of the Grunt! CD will provide you with the only opportunity to view the Grunt! website in it's entirity.

Members Area What's New (Last updated 1st Dec, 2001)

This is a password protected area of the Grunt! web site containing unique additional articles and research materials that will not be made available to the general public. New Owners of the  Grunt! CD receive 12 months free access to this area. Currently you must own the Grunt! CD to become a Member.

Articles added this month include;

US Aero-Rifle Platoon - incorporating the platoon in to your Vietnam Crossfire forces for use with the Incoming! rules
81mm Mortar Fire Procedures - when the Grunts were hard pressed they could always call on the company mortars.
US 81mm Mortar - detailed information concerning the US 81mm mortar M29.
Life and the Quart of Ice Cream - recollections of a 1/4 Cav Trooper, submitted by John Sandri.
Attitude is Everything, Almost - recollections of a 1/4 Cav Trooper, submitted by John Sandri.

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 Public Area What's New (Last updated 1st Dec, 2001)

This area of the Grunt! site is open to everybody and contains the main bulk of material written since the site was first started in May, 1999. Some of this original material has now been transferred to the Members Area and is no longer available for public viewing - articles that have been transferred have been marked as 'Members Area Only'.

Articles added this month include;

MIA Rescue: LRRPs in Cambodia - a book review kindly submitted by Rob Krott.
Mobile Guerrilla Force - a book review kindly submitted by Rob Krott.
In Pharaoh's Army - a book review kindly submitted by Rob Krott.
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